Master Series 2-Day Photography, Marketing & Retouching Workshop in Denver, CO

Master Series 2-Day Photography, Marketing & Retouching Workshop in Denver, CO
Event on 2015-05-16 08:00:00

This Denver Photography Workshop is set to take place on May 16th & 17th, and is a 2 day extensive workshop with a comprehensive look into photography, marketing and retouching In Denver, CO. With over 15 hours of total training, this 2-day workshop is designed to give the modern photographer a jump start into success within the industry. This workshop is designed for the beginner to advanced photographer, and is formulated to teach photographers of all skill levels, bringing them up to pace quickly, drastically improving their work and workflow. Each day can be purchased individually, or at a discounted rate for the entire two day package. 

About Day 1


This workshop is designed to give you extensive training on lighting subjects within an outdoor environment. Using off camera flashes, and practical lighting techniques, I’ll teach you how to effectively light your subject to create cinematic, yet natural looking light, with full control over everything. With gear provided for the day, not only do you get an extensive classroom experience explaining the practices and techniques, you’re also able to test and tailor these techniques on location with models for the afternoon. I am then able to help out in a one on one environment to help achieve the lighting style that compliments your body of work. As an 8 hour class, this workshop is designed to be a comprehensive look into commercial lighting to help you increase the standard of your work, and get you more jobs as a result.


Perhaps what makes this workshop special isn’t that it only teaches you the principles, but it also give you an opportunity to test the principles using gear provided for the day. The gear that I use is essential to the work I’m able to produce. By using off camera flashes, you’re able to have full control of your lighting, and create incredible images as a result. For this photography workshop, we’ll have an opportunity to use some of the following gear —

Day 1 Gear Provided – 

During these workshops, I want to pamper my students. So because of that, we work with the very best photography gear available. For lighting, we’ll be using Profoto B1 studio strobe. At ,000 a piece, these are the absolute best lights (in my opinion), and have become the industry standard for professional photoshoots. We’ll also be pairing those with Pocketwizard Plus X triggers, which allow for wireless firing up to 500ft. With a collection of modifiers, we’re able to diversify our lighting considerably, and create images that work best for each individuals portfolio. I’ve also paired with Phase One, and they are bringing a couple of their Phase One camera systems, which are the ABSOLUTE BEST cameras in the world today. By having the option to use medium format camera systems like these, we’re able to get more dynamic range, clearer photos, and better images to work with.


I also offer up my gear from my own camera bag to be used during the On Location portion of the workshop. So if you’re a Canon photographer, you’re able to use my vast collection of prime lenses to help capture truly remarkable images.

Extras for Day 1 –

By using sponsorships, and other mediums, this workshop has a bunch of extras that come included with the workshop itself. First, each student will leave with a thumb drive explaining retouching principles and techniques. Capture One will also be giving away a copy of Capture One Pro 8 (0 value). This is the software that I use for my retouching process, and in my opinion, the very best software for rendering skin tones correctly from a RAW file format. I have also partnered up with Alien Skin Software to give away a copy of Alien Skin Exposure 7 (9 value), a wonderful film preset system for Lightroom, Photoshop and as a Standalone.

Phase One will also be there to provide students with a couple Phase One IQ250s for the day, These cameras are medium format digital cameras that provide the absolute best image quality available. Seriously, I’m not joking….these are the greatest cameras ever built, and at ,000 for the body and back alone, this is an incredibly unique opportunity to try some of the most lusted at and highest quality gear in the industry.


About Day 2

This workshop gives you an all-inclusive look into marketing your photography business and building a retouching workflow that has the highest of standard in the industry today. By going through and retouching photos I’ve created for ad campaigns, I’m able to show you a step by step process on how to take your raw images, and turn them into something incredible. This day within the workshop also includes a marketing extensive class, giving you a detailed timeline on how to get your business up and running, and to the next level. With SEO practices built in, I’ll show you how to improve your Google search rankings, and capture more clients for your business. Pairing that with the comprehensive retouching training, your work will improve drastically, as well as your business.

Extras for Day 2 –


Aside from the comprehensive retouching and marketing training that comes with this day of the workshop, you’re also able to get a few extras from various sponsorships I’ve had sign on with this workshop. First and foremost, each attendee of this workshop will receive the covenant Retouching Workflow Accelerator developed by The Retouching Academy, as well as Pixel Juggler Photoshop Panel included in the price for the workshop. These panels (a  value) are known as the absolute best retouching panels developed for the modern portrait photographer and retoucher.


Using this tool, I will show you how I personally develop my workflowusing the Retouching Workflow Accelerator. This panel has all the necessary tools built into the system to speed up your workflow and develop a workflow and retouching structure used by some of the best retouchers in the industry.


Alongside the Retouching Workflow Accelerator, I’ve teamed up with Alien Skin Exposure to give away a free copy of Alien Skin Exposure 7 (9 value), and a free copy of Capture One Pro 8 (0 value). These two tools, are among the industry best for retouching, color-grading and and developing for photographers. I personally use these tools in my workflow on a day to day basis, and I’ll show you exactly how to maximize the potential of these tools.


All attendees will also receive a thumb drive containing articles, ebooks and photoshoot breakdowns developed exclusively by Zach Sutton. With over 2 hours of additional material, showing you tutorials, deconstructed photoshoots, and more, this thumbdrive contains a plethora of information to increase your photography skills drastically.



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