Masterclass – Communicating Effectively as a Business

Masterclass – Communicating Effectively as a Business
Event on 2017-10-26 09:00:00
Effective communications and marketing play a vital role in any organisation’s performance. Keep ahead of the competition and update your skills in this short, interactive workshop providing participants with a taster and introduction to the key themes and actions involved in effective communication. New for 2017 the masterclass will cover; 1. What is communications / marketing and why should you have a strategy and a plan? Introduction to the benefits of planning. 2. How to build an effective brand identity Building the foundations – mission statement and purpose / values / USP / branding and style and the importance of consistency in everything that you do. Key tools to have eg boilerplates, brand folder. 3. How to make sure you stand out from your competitors Looking at your USP, what makes you different to your competitors? What are your competitors doing well or not so well? What are they saying or not saying that you can take advantage of? 4. How to target your audience Who do you need to communicate with and why? Where do they go? What do they do? What are they interested in? 5. How to write an effective plan Make sure what you do is aligned with your business goals and objectives. Be specific and consistent. Prioritising your actions and your budget. How do you know if it works? Reviewing your actions Workshops run by experts Lucy Rennie – Director at Lucy Rennie Communications Limited We are a strategic communications agency that helps your business to shine through excellent communication. With over 15 years’ experience working in international business, communications and marketing, at Lucy Rennie Communications, we understand the different challenges you face and can speak the same language. We are fiercely passionate about people, communications and public relations and our vision is to provide expertise, know-how and enthusiasm to small and medium sized business owners, managers and teams in an approachable, affordable and flexible way. We strongly believe that everything you do should be in line with your business objectives, values and brand identity, so we work with you to define your bespoke communications strategy with them in mind.

at Harborough Innovation Centre
Wellington Way, Airfield Business Park
Hull, United Kingdom

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