Mastering Google SEO 2012

Josh is MORE than willing to answer your SEO questions and provide SEO help at the following email: This first video deals with a recap of SEO in 2011 and best practices for SEO in 2012 based on what we learned from last year. It gives us really good information about the panda update, hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Mike Jones says:

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  2. A.K.M Ashrafuzzaman says:

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  3. Lex Herrera says:

    Really valued video. Thanks a million guys.

  4. Haran Banjo says:

    Very informative, thanks.

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  9. Circuit Genie says:

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  10. Circuit Genie says:

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  11. Austin Taylor says:

    you’re obviously an expert and it shows! this was great form someone new, thanks heaps.

  12. Neil Deavers says:

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  13. gary L says:

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  15. Amarnath Jaganathan says:

    This is what i was looking for, Excellent! Thank you Josh!

  16. Michael Asselin says:

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  17. ViaMaverick says:

    Sweet content Josh! I had a niche site fall from the search engines around mid 2011 and it’s probably because I had a huge traffic spike of back links. Even though I did use rotating anchor texts to make my back linking more natural, I did exceed the number of backlinks per unique visitors I was getting. Thanks again for the tips!

  18. Mohsin Patel says:

    Thanks man this is what i wanted to learn:)

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