Adds 200th Math Game to Fun, Educational Website

Spring, TX (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

The free educational gaming website,, recently added its 200th math game, making it one of the largest and most entertaining educational resources on the Internet. To celebrate, the site will be giving out a pair of $ 100 gift cards to two lucky visitors, with contest details appearing on the Mathnook Facebook page during the month of June.

Founded several years ago by Jan and Tommy Hall, MathNook, started out as a small side project aimed at helping children improve their math skills; however, over time, the site has grown into a full-time enterprise. In fact, the husband and wife team now dedicate their full attention to MathNook, which has become a popular tool for parents who are looking for fun ways to get kids interested in math.

“As an educator, Jan initially made games for the classroom and saw how beneficial they were to students,” Tommy said. “With my gaming and computer experience, we were able to create, which became the perfect way for us to do something we both enjoy and know a lot about.”

These days, MathNook has grown into a rich resource for parents and educators, who find themselves facing a challenging struggle to get students interested in mathematics.

“Sadly, modern American students are falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to math skills,” Jan said. “In fact, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development recently unveiled a report which showed that American students ranked 25th in a list of 30 countries when it came to math performance. To reverse this troubling trend, parents and educators need to find fun ways to get kids into math; and we believe MathNook is a great way to do that.”

By providing fun games which ask players to solve math equations to earn points and level up, MathNook takes the pain and boredom out of learning. According to Tommy, this fundamental aspect is why MathNook works where other strategies fail.

“Let’s face it, kids don’t enjoy reading dusty old math books,” he said. “On the other hand, they love to play video games. Instead of fighting against this reality, we embrace it by creating games which nourish the brain, while providing hours of entertainment.”

This modern approach to education can have big implications; after all, good math skills have been linked to higher achievement. In fact, according to The College Board, an association of over 5,900 schools, colleges and universities, when students complete just one course in geometry, they have an 80 percent greater chance of going to college.

“Math is a fundamental subject that plays a big role in all sorts of different fields of work,” Jan said. “Studies have shown that students who do well in math tend to earn more once they graduate. To promote better achievement during school, it’s important to get kids interested in math at an early age. With so many different types of fun, educational games, is a great resource for people who want their children to reach their full potential now and later in life.”

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