Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress & SEO

Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress & SEO

The irrepressible Matt Cutts from Google showcases the good and the bad of WordPress as seen through the eyes of Google, including basics on how Google searc…

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  1. Excellent video explaining how WordPress is awesome for SEO and ranking higher in Google. (still valid even if it’s a bit old). 4:15 Plugins Matt Uses * cookies for comments (awesome) 6:00 * Defines how pagerank affects your site, and “What is Pagerank” * how “juice” and pagerank work 8:45 Backlinks? what you need? * Care for “relevance” and “reputable” over quantity 11:11 Love it or don’t write about it. 21:00 How to categorize your blogposts * dashes over _underscores 30:00 how to write creatively using a 30 day study 32:00 Productivity Porn! – Do it like that. 34:20 Podcasts? * video vs podcast. #LOL 37:00 OR… you can fix the link yourself and 301 it to the right location

  2. Wow great video, can’t believe I missed this one. In case anyone on my G+ is seeing this – its almost a full hour of Matt Cutts talking about WordPress and SEO. He gets very in depth & technical and talks about PR flow and all that good stuff. “WordPress automatically solves most of your SEO issues.” thank you! Also will definitely have to check out the cookies for comments plugin that he recommends .

  3. This was a really interesting video. The part about reputable and relevant content was interesting and also explaining Katamari Philosophy and blogging as well as some SEO tips and wordpress security.

  4. If you have to deal with SEO and you also love wordpress this is a good watch. Personally, after the past 2 years of experimentation between WP and Search data I prefer to have a static site and just install WP on /blog. But, this was still a very informative video. Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress & SEO 

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