Max Payne 3 Bomb suit and IA2 rifle review DLC Hostage Negotiation free aim (PS3)

Find how the new IA2 rifle compares with AK47, M4, FAL and mini-30 in this Max Payne 3 TDM free aim match in Hoboken. Testing the new awesome weapon IA2 AR from the DLC Hostage Negotiation as well as the bomb suit (quite good at neutralizing spammy bombs and RPGs). With written comments and some funny surprise in the middle. More videos coming. Map: Hoboken Alleys. Character: De Marco. Loadout: IA2 AR + Explosive burst from DLC Hostage Negotiation. PS3 version. If you like, let me know by leaving a comment and clicking the like button and I will make more. Subscribe to channel! Crew SERP
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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23 Responses to Max Payne 3 Bomb suit and IA2 rifle review DLC Hostage Negotiation free aim (PS3)

  1. Oliweed says:

    What a nice video, you really got good skills Serpe congrats.

  2. El Serpe says:

    Final Cut Pro X

  3. Wispy jo says:

    LOL i got the new one but hd pvr 2 see my page ….btw what is the software that u using?arcsoft?

  4. El Serpe says:

    I’m using the HD-PVR Hauppage card. But I heard the new Elgato Game Capture is also good.

  5. NikoBellicSerbia says:

    Its very helpful if someone have Explosive burst. It just give little effect (smaller of Grenade Launcher), not high.

  6. Wispy jo says:

    hi i liked and sub….what softer ware are you using and which capture card is that?

  7. El Serpe says:

    It costs 9.99$ in psn store.

  8. Armando Velders says:

    is the dlc free or do you have to buy it

  9. El Serpe says:

    No, you will not fall to ground for near explosives if you wear the suit.

  10. fichoooo17 says:

    Can grenades knock you down when wearing the bomb suit?

  11. El Serpe says:

    I now posted a m24 review in the channel.

  12. El Serpe says:

    Yes it can, it will leave little health but that’s can be enough to zap your opponent and regain back your health with vampire fangs. Also if you wear the suit you will not fall to ground for near explosives – so you can easily fight enemies using rotary grenade launcher.

  13. Cmarra95 says:

    so can this survive a direct rpg shot? (just got dlc)

  14. IceColdAssassins says:

    Good stuff man. Nice breakdown. 

  15. El Serpe says:

    It changes color depending on faction

  16. lioncommingz says:

    SPACE SUIT AT 05:02 cracks me up!

  17. salemsixx says:

    Can it also withstand booby trap body explosion ?

  18. salemsixx says:

    Can Eod change color or is green the standard color for all faction

  19. Daniel Paviolo says:


  20. Catchcookiey says:

    Really good review I enjoyed it a lot. Is it possible to make a review of the m24 Snper rifle?

  21. KingLinxinator says:

    Good video. I played against u one time. Subbed.

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