Max Schneider Talks About Failing His Recent Driving Test, His Upcoming Role on NBC’s Crisis, and His New Single in an Interview on Afterbuzz TV

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2013

Max Schneider made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV’s Chatting with Cathy on Monday. In his appearance, Schneider tells a funny story about failing a recent test to get his driver’s license, recounts a scary incident while filming ‘Rags’, talks about his upcoming role on NBC’s Crisis with Dermot Mulroney and Halston Sage, and his new single ‘Nothing Without Love.’

Max on not having his driver’s license yet:

I just am getting my [driver’s] license now…I’m gonna be honest. I took the test the other day, didn’t pass it. I’m gonna take it again. The guy said I was driving too fast in a parking lot. I was like, ‘Sir, what’s the speed limit in the parking lot?’ He goes, ‘Not what you were driving.’

Max on Isaiah Mustafa saving his life while filming Rags:

[Isaiah Mustafa] saved me in the Vancouver riots. The Stanley Cup, which is the big hockey cup, we were shooting the movie there while [the NHL finals] were happening. Vancouver lost the final game and we were watching it in the streets and a riot happened. Isaiah saved me from the riots. Schneider recounts, The only way to get to our hotel was to go through the [riots]…I was with [Isaiah] and he was like, ‘I told your family I’d get you home safe.’ We walk across this street, first time I’ve experienced tear gas. It hit me, but Isaiah kept us moving…You can’t breathe, your nose fills up and your throat starts to fill up, but I had [Isaiah’s] hand on my back and he was pushing me through this crowd and he got me home safe…He’s like the coolest body guard.

You started performing at a young age. What was your first theater performance?

I did my first show when I was five and I was the King of the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Schneider recounts, The kids theater company, I was the youngest one so there wasn’t a part for me, so they made me the king of the Oompa Loompas. I just fell in love [with performing] from there.

Did you keep the costume for Halloween?

Yes! My mom still has all of my costumes. I was Annie’s dog in Annie, back in the day too. I have that dog costume too. We have all of those crazy old costumes which is cool.

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Crisis will air mid-season on NBC, Sunday nights at 10pm. You can find Max’s single, ‘Nothing Without Love’ on iTunes or on his website,

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