MaxBounty & PPC Coach Present Email Submits Using 7Search Fixed Version

This video is fixed, the original had audio issues and was blurry, this one is much much better. This 2 hour and 19 minute video shows you how to properly promote MaxBounty email submit offers using 7Search traffic. PPC Coach is one of the oldest and most respected pay per click training sites on the internet. MaxBounty is one of the oldest and most respected CPA networks out there so using both is a no brainer. This video is a recording of a 2 hour and 19 minute webinar done by Will Haimerl, who owns ppc-coach.com. If you’ve ever wondering how to make email submits profitable, watch this and you will learn exactly what to do. Once you have mastered email submits, we do suggest moving onto higher payout CPA offers using PPC. But we all have to walk before we run! The budget required for this can be as little as per day.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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