May the Fourth Be with You: GoBankingRates Celebrates Star Wars Day 2013 with Five Jedi Mind Tricks for Saving Money

El Segundo, CA (PRWEB) May 04, 2013

Star Wars Day 2013 has become a popular holiday for fans of the franchise and also falls on May 4, playing off of the iconic line from the movies: May the Force be with you. With May the Fourth Be with You 2013, Star Wars fans have a new hope and something to look forward to: According to Forbes, Disney purchased rights to the franchise in April 2013 for $ 4 billion and announced plans to add a new installation to the saga.

The price tag was huge, but could pay off Star Wars is a proven cash cow that has grossed more than $ 27 billion in combined franchise revenue, as reported by Statistic Brain.

Star Wars fans are clearly willing to spend their money on what they love but GoBankingRates sought to find out if they balance that with strong saving habits, too.

Sometimes, the best money advice isnt actually money advice at all, and comes from the unlikeliest of personal financial experts, points out Paul Sisolak, expert contributor to GoBankingRates. Its how we interpret those sage tidbits that make understanding our bank accounts more clear.

To shed light on the need for strong money management and financial literacy, GoBankingRates turns to the paragon of wisdom in the Star Wars universe: Yoda. Their special report shows how Star Wars fans can apply Yodas best pieces of advice to their personal finances and improve their fiscal situation.

By taking some Yoda advice and using the Financial Force, young Padawan, youll end up less like a penniless band of desert-roaming scavenger Jawas, and more like uber-billionaire George Lucas, Mr. Sisolak says.

See Yoda’s money-saving advice here.

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