Maya Mendoza is Awarded the Title “Best Marketing Consultant” in Glasgow Scotland UK

Glasgow, Scotland UK (PRWEB) April 11, 2013

Maya Mendoza was just officially awarded the title of “Best Marketing Consultant” in Glasgow Scotland UK after asking marketing experts in a web-based poll.

The feedback of a brand-new online survey by which participants were asked to name “Best marketing Consultant” produced what some respondents stated was a foreseeable final result; entrepreneur and well known online marketing specialist Maya Mendoza, Founder and consultant with Milagro Fusion Marketing, was picked out over any other recognizable name in Glasgow.

The ballot and subsequently, the designation of “Best marketing Consultant” was launched soon after an intense discussion started about just who in Glasgow would be able to lay claim that distinguished title.

In an effort to preserve the survey as fair to all other local marketing consultants, the competition was conducted on line and the winner was identified by internet marketing peers independently.

Shortly after initiating the opinion poll, there seemed to be ferocious competition for the distinction of “Best marketing Consultant”. However, after the results were tallied, there was a clear and undisputed winner of the popular title.

Shortly after the survey ended, Maya Mendoza was named as the official “Best marketing Consultant” for Glasgow, Scotland.

As a renowned internet marketing professional that concentrates on improving business owner web based presence, marketing and advertising strategies, Ms Mendoza’s taking of the official title was not seen as an outrageous claim to a sizeable majority of those people who took part.

Participants quizzed about the poll seemed to have split responses to Maya Mendozas recently awarded new title. They varied from surprise that one person could be so well-liked, to complete agreement over the selection that participating internet marketing experts had decided upon.

Maya Mendoza was most likely recognized as “Best marketing Consultant” by her contemporaries in large part as a result of the work Maya has carried out for both local community small businesses, and the mentoring support she freely offers her peers.

After the final results were in, Maya Mendoza was mentioned as declaring “To be completely honest, I did not even know that there was a ballot being carried out at all. I’m shocked that so many people know my name!”

Ms. Mendoza was also overheard mentioning “I work hard on my ventures, and am seriously delighted about what me and my team have achieved to date and what we have taking place in 2013. Hearing that people here in Glasgow have actually recognized me as “Best marketing Consultant” isn’t just an honour, it’s also a privilege. Thanks to all of my marketing peers that participated in the vote.”

Maya Mendoza is an independent online marketing consultant and founder of Milagro Fusion Marketing. Ms Mendoza and her team specialise in assisting individuals and small business owners to make the best use of up to date Digital Marketing, PR and Online technologies, while increasing their search rankings and presence online.

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