15 Replies to “MBA LEVEL: How to Write a Social Media Marketing Strategy–That SELLS.”

  1. great stuff. you should put annotations in the “about” section with links to videos you mention. I would definitely watch them, but I have to scroll through your vids to find them. thnx

  2. Cual es tu video donde hablabas sobre los descuentos y decías que no eran la mejor forma de anunciarte pues te hacen parecer desesperado por vender sí tu producto no es lo suficientemente conocido?

  3. Thank you, enjoyed valuable understanding. It has helped me on my journey. Is this a good headline, The 7 Steps To Overcome the Afternoon Sugar Blues? Understanding sales and the follow through is the game changer, especially for my new programming. You do good work sir.

  4. This has nothing to do with the video, though I have forwarded it to a friend who’s into social media marketing, but didn’t you used to have a channel on Taoism?

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