Measuring Consciousness

Measuring Consciousness
To tease out neural markers of consciousness—or more precisely, the loss of consciousness—a group led by Patrick Purdon, an instructor of anesthesia and bioengineer at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), recently looked …
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Visual Consciousness Emerges
SOFIE GELSKOVThe distinctive brain activity pattern associated with visual consciousness in adults is present in babies as young as 5 months old, according to a study published last week (April 18) in Science. The authors claim their findings represent …
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Project Rhino brings African poaching to the local consciousness
For most Charleston residents, rhino poaching isn't exactly a local issue. But for locals Graham MacDonald and Clint Weimann, the problem hits close to home — they're native South Africans who grew up seeing the animals in the wild. The duo came up …
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