Mechwarrior Online – Pugging in a 4 PPC Atlas – Game 1

To those saying to chain fire: I know how to chain fire, however any strength the build may have will be lost if the weapons are chain fired. The whole point…

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14 Responses to Mechwarrior Online – Pugging in a 4 PPC Atlas – Game 1

  1. Katlunazul says:

    Its not a very viable build since you shut down so many times. If you become main target, you are done before you can shoot 3 times…. :[

  2. Garrus Vakarian says:

    I’m looking forward to getting a Quad-PPC Atlas/Stalker so that I can actually be of some use in Alpine Peaks. However – I’m kind of wondering – Should I go for 4 standard PPCs, 2 ERs and 2 Standards or 4 ER PPCs? 4 standards would be better for medium ranges since I can obviously shoot longer, 2ER/2STD would be a jack of all trades and the 4 ER PPCs would allow me to snipe better but I would overheat very quickly. Can’t quite decide.

  3. scaleofthought says:

    What did they do? Oh yeah, they gave it less heat. That’s a buff actually. And this coming Tuesday, feb19th, they’re going to have EMP capabilities, knocking out any electronics on the mech you hit for 5 seconds. But what did they nerf on the PPC?

  4. Chowder7116 says:

    They nerfed ppc :(

  5. frankxxx69 says:

    chain your weapons, much better

  6. Frankie King says:

    The build does not work when you chain fire or split the alpha strike into groups. You can see in every one of my other videos that I don’t normally alpha strike. At the time of this video, the only strength of this build was its alpha strike hitting one location with all 4 PPCs. Chaining them would spread out the damage.

  7. Raitzu VI Mate says:

    just for tip. don’t use alpha strike for your basic attack. you just get overheaded on every time…

  8. Krivvan says:

    Savant – Starfish Savant - Prelude

  9. TheJazzbandit13 says:

    can anyone name this song?

  10. TheSangson says:

    KK:) Well,haven´t tested the TS server out yet(maybe I´m still too shy to actually SPEAK English with people who are used to it),but besides that,I don´t see a possibility to not PUG, long as I´m not missing something here,one has to cope with PUGing anyway,right?

  11. gavilatius says:

    Hey, I’m just throwing it out there, no need to get your panties in a scrunch. Most forum users think pugs to be that way while they are really not. it’s ok to pug, and I do it myself almost 90% of the time. again that’s how most of the puke-spewing community sees pugs… not me.

  12. TheSangson says:

    Wow.Thank you.That is actually quite useful to know.Maybe there is some teamplay possible then.Should´ve looked that up myself,huh.

  13. Krivvan says:

    There are several (somewhat official) MWO teamspeak servers where random people can group up in temporary groups to play for several games. The address and password are on the MWO forums under something like “Unofficial Beta TS servers”.

  14. TheSangson says:

    Ya know in that certain other F2P mech game(1st online game EVER btw),I tended to just hang onto someone I spotted to be good,stick with him,keepin the flies off his crotch while dying in honour so he doesn´t,and repeating it next match which after some games resulted in havin some bosses in my FL next to whom I could learn playin decently.An internship as you will.MWO? No,Sir!Teaming up with someone,it works,never see them again after match ends. So please.What the heck am I supposed to do?

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