12 Replies to “Mechwarrior Online – Pugging in a 4 PPC Atlas – Game 3”

  1. It’s a lot less “stiff”, but at the same time you get a feel for how the mech is slow to turn and etc. The separate arm and torso reticules contribute a lot to this and I find it a very interesting mechanic. However, I mainly pilot a Jenner, and Light mechs are a whole different game from Assault mechs.

  2. The build you described is actually a very solid build that I use (although I have 3 SRM6s since it’s on a D-DC) and it has a very high single-shot damage. Much higher than the average Atlas build. This 4 PPC build, although it has its merits, is not something I’d recommend as a solution to your problem. It’s best as an extremely specialized sniper role.

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