Media Marketing Landscape – Baby Step | Private Workshop

Media Marketing Landscape – Baby Step | Private Workshop
Event on 2012-12-31 13:00:00

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–>Discover How To Make Fast, Accurate Marketing Decisions … That Will Keep You One Step Ahead Of Your Competitors!

If you DIDN’T ATTEND our Free Preview Seminar but are looking for a Creative Strategy then you are on the right place too!

During this workshop you will learn what is and how to use CBM Focus MapTM – our unique decision making tool that will enable you to:

  1. UNDERSTAND all of the options available to you right now in just one half day you'll be right up to date with current trends
  2. CHOOSE the methods that will be most effective for you
  3. PRIORITISE the implementation of marketing so that you get the results you are looking for quickly – that's more new customers, increased sales and market share.

If you ATTENDED our Free Preview Seminar ‘A BIG PICTURE OF MEDIA MARKETING LANDSCAPE’ then you will love this workshop! It takes you the one step closer to your own Creative Strategic Plan!

This workshop is for you if you found our CBM Focus MapTM really interesting but:

  • are not sure if you are ready to purchase our full Creative Strategic Plan
  • can’t afford our full Creative Strategic Plan but would like to use this strategy development tool for your company
  • would prefer to develop the strategy in-house at your own pace

You will get:

  1. Your own CBM Focus MapTM
  2. Creative Strategic Plan outline
  3. Follow up telephone coaching session
  4. 30 days email ‘helpline’


2h > Media Marketing Landscape Overview

  • Get a full understanding of all the areas a business owner should be looking into including Online Media, Social Media, Mobile, SEO, Offline (traditional) Media, PR, Developments, Consumer Trends and other – with examples

30 min break

2h > CBM Focus MapTM as a tool & Creative Strategic Planning

  • Turn the overview map into a functional Tool by learning what research to conduct and how to implement it into the Map via Layers
  • Make sure that all the areas of your strategy work well together to ensure you will not waste your time and money
  • Learn structure of our version of Creative Strategic Plan, how it differs from typical marketing plan, how it uses CBM Focus MapTM for the strategy development with main sections of ‘Your Company Now’, ‘Your Journey’ and ‘Future You’

100% Risk Free!

We guarantee you’ll learn more about developing a creative marketing strategy during this workshop then you ever learned before.
If you are not absolutely convinced at the end of the workshop that you know more about marketing than you did before and that you are taking home a very valuable tool for growth of your business, then we honestly want you to ask for a full and immediate refund. No questions asked. No hard feelings either.
And if you will decide after the workshop that you would actually like to purchase our full Creative Strategic Plan rather than developing the strategy yourself, then we will discount the cost of the workshop from the price of the CS Plan!Testimonials

It was an excellent overview of the current marketing landscape – half a day very well spent!
Roxanne, Volunteering England

Very good seminar which gives me a lot of ideas to market my business.
Yuda, Galor

Fantastic overview of the breadth & depth of what can be used.
Kirsten, Gibbs & Partners

A very informative seminar that was well structured and nicely presented. It offered practical solutions and innovative ideas.
Reza, PerspectYour Presenter

Sasha Kader MA is a Managing Director of SAKR Design Ltd, an award winning integrated digital media consultancy. She specialises in branding and marketing audits and concept development using her knowledge and experience with cutting edge technologies and developments in area of digital media and years of experience with online and traditional media and brands like MSN, Microsoft and Xbox. She developed the CBM Focus MapTM methodology after identifying a problem clients have with development of quality design briefs. It became an audit tool with ability to develop a long term focused and highly effective marketing campaigns.

Follow us:

Booking cancellation terms
In the event of a cancellation, the booking the space will be charged:
• 0% of the total cost if it is cancelled more than 2 full working weeks prior to the booking
• 50% of the total cost if cancelled within two working weeks of the booking
• 100% of the total cost if cancelled within 1 working week of the booking

at The Cross
Kings Cross
City of London, United Kingdom

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