Media Mondays: Integrating PR with Paid & Owned Media

Media Mondays: Integrating PR with Paid & Owned Media
Event on 2014-04-14 16:30:00

Media Mondays are back! For this upcoming Media Monday on April 14th, we want to show college students and recent graduates BLASTmedia’s bread and butter: executing integrated campaigns for our clients. You may ask yourself, what’s an integrated campaign? (Glad you asked!) 

As media relations and PR professionals (and students!), our work can no longer operate in a funnel. Integrating PR efforts with paid media and owned media is the key to marketing success in 2014. The same can be said for paid media, social media, marketing, traditional advertising…the list goes on and on.

Here is the breakdown: BLASTmedia's PR experts work around the clock to get media coverage for our clients. This PR service is considered earned media because we’re actually going out and earning that coverage and building relations with editors at top-tier publications. Here at BLASTmedia, we execute hyper-targeted social advertising across a multitude of platforms. Through this refined approach, we can reach our client’s specific target demographic with the right message that won’t get lost in the noise. Our social media management and content marketing experts focus on creating meaningful relationships with a client and their customers through social media and blogging. This is called owned media because we own the results, there is (wo)man power behind the tweets and social engagement.

Now, why does this matter to you? Well, let’s say you’re a PR student who has an interest in social media. Executing integrated campaigns allows you to hone your PR skills while thinking about the bigger picture success for your client, incorporating social media, paid media, and creative services. The ability to think outside of your specific medium makes you a valuable asset to any PR, advertising, or marketing team!

We’d love to tell you more about our success with integrated campaigns and what it means for the PR space in general. College students and recent graduates are invited to attend a short presentation and Q&A session at the BLASTmedia office on April 14 at 4:30 pm. Please RSVP by April 11. We look forward to seeing you then!

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