Media Money & The Power of Profile

Media Money & The Power of Profile
Event on 2014-07-05 10:00:00

Media, Money and The Power of Profile

The 5 Steps To Becoming an "In Demand" & Highly Valued… Media Darling

Would you like to unlock your publicist potential to generate unlimited free media for you, your business, your passions and your talents?

Have you always wondered why other people are always quoted as 'the expert' of your industry, when you know they're not? 

In this half-day LIVE workshop, in Brisbane, I'm going to share with you five easy, simple, quick steps to start generating K in free publicity, to become an "In Demand" & Highly Valued Media Darling …

We will cover:

Step One: Find Your Publicist Potential (YOU – And Your Irresistible Story)

Step Two: The Journo Mindset (How To recognise which one you're speaking to)

Step Three: How To Make it "Super Easy" For The Journo's (GOLD)

Step Four: The Hidden Opportunities Resource = Unlimited Exposure

Step Five: Get "Your Pitch" Right (Journo's want it well done – But most aren't)


— The Front Page of Google Media Strategy (ZERO SEO required)

— Mass Pitching vs Single Pitching

— How & When To Use Them

— Celebrity Status That Converts

— How To Turn Your Exposure into Profits

at Suncorp Stadium
Castlemaine st.. Milton
Brisbane, Australia

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