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London (PRWEB UK) 6 December 2012

“For emerging authors, the digital revolution is a mixed blessing,” said Adam Kolczynski, founder of the London-based start-up. “The Web may have democratised the act of publishing, but it hasn’t democratised the outcome. Authors of equal talent do not have equal access to readers. This reality is replicated across the wider publishing industry. Dedicated freelancers, app developers and literary bloggers continually struggle for exposure. In a world numb with cognitive clutter and digital “noise”, reaching the right clients is harder than ever.”

iAuthor tackles this problem by providing advertisers with their own feature-rich slots. Each customisable slot is “rented” on a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) basis. Accordingly, advertisers are only charged when a potential client clicks on their slot if nobody clicks, the service is free. Inbuilt cost caps ensure that the daily spend never exceeds the price of an average coffee. Smart use of category filtering and infinite scrolling guarantees that every advertising slot is visible within one click of the Homepage. iAuthor’s clean, crisp interface is purpose-built to maximise viewer dwell time. The result is a platform populated not by distracting pop-ups, but by highly prominent book and service slots.

As of launch date, iAuthor’s social media community is drawn from 135 countries across 5 continents. Asked about iAuthor’s roadmap, Kolczynski replied: “Our current platform is just the start. Over the coming months, iAuthor will unveil an array of new features and cross-platform apps. Our mission is staunchly social: to empower authors and publishing professionals to forge their own brand in a saturated market. We aim to give the publishing world something truly unique a definitive advertising anchor.”

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iAuthor is committed to tackling the critical and continuing problem of global illiteracy. Our social enterprise pledges to support several independent literacy charities, most notably the National Literacy Trust and Book Aid International.

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