Meet Jennel Garcia – THE X FACTOR USA

Jennel Garcia surprises the judges with a sexy performance of Grace Potter & the Nocturnals’ “Paris (ooh la la)” at her Providence audition. (Official Site) (‘Like’ on Facebook) (Follow on Twitter) (+1 on Google+)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Meet Jennel Garcia – THE X FACTOR USA

  1. ishallbemagnificent says:

    I think I figured out why this is my favorite audition – its because it makes me, and everyone else, smile :)

  2. Heather Fourby says:

    when is her cd coming out?!?!!? hahaha i want it NOW!!! it would STAY on repeat!!!

  3. aznboi4lyfbruh says:

    so cute

  4. TheBonnevier says:

    I’ve been watching some vids of x factory now and I do have to say that Brittney doesn’t really seem to expect anything from anyone? :)

  5. TwinBimbo says:

    I swear she’s the next demi lovato.

  6. sisterhood768 says:

    – For some reason i hate the song when i never heard it in my life , But she sang greatt ❤

  7. yoelia1 says:

    es latina!! 

  8. smurfredraider808 says:

    3:28 Simon “Damn. I’d tap that”

  9. MsSpursfan14 says:

    LOL @ Demi at 4:22

  10. nachoxavier4 says:

    omg she’s amazing!!! i love her <3

  11. RascalHooligan says:

    in terms of the show, i think its unfair to hate on girls who try hard to make the impression theyre looking for. some people just arent comfortable on tv in front of a huge audience without makeup. i think its also unfair to attribute garcia’s awesome persona to the fact that she isnt wearing much makeup. if she wore 10 lbs of makeup, id still be equally impressed. props to jennel- her natural confidence is totally sexy.

  12. michelle0021able says:

    Ha, Demi Is a sucker for rock, lol

  13. michelle0021able says:

    She pretty

  14. suitsforless says:

    They would’ve stood up if they didn’t all have boners.

  15. gomezfd says:

    THANKS A LOT!!!.. How do you know? I am out of town and I could not see the show tonight. I enjoy so much her style.. She is a little bomb. Makes me laugh…

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