Meet Scott Breitenstein, owner of

Meet Scott Breitenstein, owner of
Breitenstein's ComplaintsBureau was a bare-bones site, but it had something the Better Business Bureau didn't have: excellent search engine optimization, which often placed ComplaintsBureau's posts on the first page of Google results for a given business.
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6 Ways to Boost Brand Visibility Online
If you use SEO to help your web pages rank high in search engines, depending on the keywords or keyword phrases you utilize regarding your SEO efforts, you could receive a tremendous amount of traffic from search engines. This search engine traffic can …
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5 Conversion & Experience Optimization Techniques You Can't Afford to Overlook
… when adopting this tactic, make sure the landing pages you create are at least 90 percent unique, especially in terms of the copy used. Otherwise, you risk having your site marked for using duplicate content, which might result in a penalty by …
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