Meet the engineers behind Google contact lenses

Meet the engineers behind Google contact lenses
Babak Parviz is a Google X team member and electrical engineering professor and researcher at the University of Washington. He developed the first bionic contact lenses, a prototype that is informing the glucose-reading contact lenses that Google …
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Gmail And Google Apps Users Complain Of Bug Which Sees Contact Groups
The cloud giveth, and the cloud taketh away. An undetermined number of Gmail and Google Apps users have been experiencing issues with their Gmail Contacts groups throughout the month of January, which involves contacts randomly disappearing from …
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Apple and Google Are Killing Nintendo's 3DS
's announcement on Friday confirmed what many already suspected: Its living-room console, the Wii U, has been a colossal failure. To anyone who had been following the industry, this announcement was hardly shocking — sales of the Wii U had been …
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