Melting Glaciers, Sprawling Cities: the Google Project

The story behind the Google and NASA partnership that reveals How Earth is radically changing over the decades.

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13 Responses to Melting Glaciers, Sprawling Cities: the Google Project

  1. Mikkel Adrian says:

    Someday, I will post a usefull comment on youtube.

  2. Landrew0 says:

    The Left calls them “Tar Sands” The Industry calls them “Oil Sands.”

  3. Xelaz Aughra says:

    I don’t know if this has already been done, but what if this made available to the public? On Google Earth perhaps? I would like to see how the neighborhood I grew up in has changed as well as other places on Earth.

  4. Deborah Kominek says:

    2:25 rainforest disappearing, so sad.

  5. aluxious says:

    By the way you don’t have a brain because you can’t see it.

  6. geo says:

    Now with the latest Landsat-8 satellite imagery available, the potential is even greater. Free data can be downloaded from USGS GloVis and there is free processing software called “Spectral Transformer for Landsat-8 imagery”. Everyone can be involved.

  7. LeChron James says:

    patiently waiting for mecha-sars

  8. ThatDudeEddiee0 says:

    Well, we’re the cancer cell; spreading, destroying.

  9. ThatDudeEddiee0 says:

    But the governments and media have us controlled where not enough of us can think this way … even if enough of us do , what can we do ?

  10. blaknoizee says:

    The Govt wants to stop the program because it wants to continue to hide things. Like it apparently always will; that are negative to getting “money”.

  11. Christian Sorensen says:

    really should view this professional video before heading on a drive

  12. Spkyneux75 says:

    I hate to see all those homes appearing :(

  13. escamilla117 says:

    The human race is young. our unwillingness to change is f****** bullshit, and it is stupid that we will not work on fulfilling the potential of the human race, preserving it, and reach for the stars. Humans are intelligent enough to recognize when we are over-using our resources and growing in a way that we will harm ourselves. if we continue to grow this rate, we only damage ourselves and our future. If we don’t realize, the human advancement will stall for unforeseen years

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