Memory X Introduces Dell Inspiron 519 DDR2 Memory Kit

Ca, USA (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

Memory X offers a wide range of digital memory enhancement chips. The company provides DDR2 memory extension devices and has currently brought out DDR2 667 and 800 MHz memory extender for Dell Inspiron 519. The Dell Inspiron 519 is a very personalized and family-friendly PC with enhanced technologies. The device possesses entertainment-aspired performance specs.

The device features a chrome-black stylish design. The Dell Inspiron 519 possesses a stylish design, featuring perforated chrome and shiny black exterior. The PC is fully functional and possesses an alternative Wireless Networking card, which is reliable. Memory X has brought out Dell Inspiron 519 DDR2 667 and 800 MHz memory extenders, which support 8GB memory and provide four memory slots.

The device features AMD Athlon processor, AMD RS780 chipset and serial ATA HD bus. The device also possesses different memory speed options. People use computers, laptops, notebooks and tablets not only for official purposes but also for storing multimedia files. Music, movies and data are always stored in such devices, which require people to extend storage memory of their devices. A technical expert at Memory X says, We design custom products for enterprise-related purposes and also on personalized orders. We maintain a fast shipping strategy and abide by all necessities of customers.

Memory X provides memory extension chips for different types of digital devices. It offers compact flash, secure digital, SD extended and high capacity, multimedia card, mini secure digital, XD picture, smart media, express card flash and other memory extension chips including adapters and readers. Memory X is a technical company based in California.

When one is purchasing digital memory extension chips, he/she should note its capacity and warrantee. A spokesperson at Memory X says, We have organized a broad series of digital memory extension devices, which will let users expand the memory capacity of their devices. The company also claims that their devices are well-designed and sturdy, which are utility elements to extend storage capacity of digital devices.

The company provides different types of batteries as well. The company focuses on memory for Apple, Sun and other proprietary devices. The company claims to take care of their clients in specific and also suggest them suitable chips to extend their devices memory. Memory X also facilitates an active customer support team over which, all consumers can solve their queries regarding the companys products. Memory X also places genuine replacement guarantee on its warranted products, which are subject to replacement if these fail to abide by the warrantee guidelines.

About Memory X

Memory X Inc. is a technical company located in California. Memory X was established in the year 1995. It specializes in producing extendable memory devices for Apple and Sun as well as for different proprietary devices. The companys manufacturing and sales quarters are located in Santa Clara in California. Memory X is operated by technical experts, who also offer custom designs for memory chips for personalized and corporate purposes. Memory X has been providing a wide range of memory extension devices, which have satisfied plenty of consumers and the company holds positive reviews in major consumer forums.

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