MemoryTen Introduces A Line of Laptop Memory Upgrades

CA, USA (PRWEB) July 27, 2013

Revive the laptop with Laptop Memory upgrades from MemoryTen. The recently launched exciting range of laptop memory upgrades offers a number of reputable brands to choose from. From Asus laptop memory to Z-laptop memory series, the online store has it all. Besides, products from MemoryTen come with a lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. Also, the product may even be returned within 14 days of purchase for a full refund (minus shipping), provided it is still in its original condition. Plus, MemoryTen team also extends a lifetime online technical support for easy installation and optimum usage of the purchased computer hardware and accessories.

MemoryTen team makes its best efforts to provide high quality products at rock-bottom prices. MemoryTen is among the premium suppliers and manufacturers of computer hardware and accessories. They are highly known all over the world for their 100% compatible, highly efficient and superior quality products. Their highly transparent customer favorable policies regarding purchase, shipping, repair or exchange have made them popular, thereby powering them to spring up quickly among the top players of the game. The memory capacity of the laptop is the first thing that goes outdated with time. As per a recent survey, about 76% of people in an organization considered buying a new laptop due to low memory capacity, while about 24% agreed with low battery backup and other issues. Thus, laptop memory upgrade is a way more viable option than replacing the entire laptop with a new one. It is highly economical and saves a lot of time and hassle of personalizing the settings, backing up and feeding data and so on.

According to the CEO, “the laptop memory is like a bundle of cash or an asset, the more the merrier. Also,now-a-days laptops have provisions to extend its memory capacity beyond the inbuilt one. Therefore, replacing the laptop memory is always possible.” Further, “MemoryTen team specializes in providing specially tailored memory solutions to suit the varied needs of the clients.” Memory(X) is the largest online memory store on earth. The easy to browse friendly organization of site has made it a one stop destination to satisfy all the needs of a computer. The 24-hour online assistance has further cut down the hassle of the customers. The online ordering and fast off-shore shipping facilities are also available.

The site also accommodates a “Scan My Computer” option that peeks into the CPU and gathers the precise information about the computer’s hardware. The personalized report even specifies the possible options for upgrade. The highly knowledgeable MemoryTen team behind memory(X) not only specializes in distribution of memory upgrades, but also holds the expertise to tailor upgrades as per the client’s needs and specifications.

About MemoryTen

MemoryTen Inc was incorporated as a private company in early 1995. Within a span of merely 18 years, the company has emerged as a pioneer in the industry by providing customized designs for almost any memory module requirement. The company specializes in providing memory solutions for Apple, Sun and other proprietary machines. The sales and manufacturing unit of MemoryTen are located in Santa Clara, California.

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