Merchant Chargeback Protection Now Offered for Restaurants and Hospitality Venues with Next Gen Dine Mobile POS Software by Prelag Partners, LLC

Las Vegas (PRWEB) February 04, 2013

Chargebacks pose a significant challenge for food and beverage business owners. A chargeback is a transaction that is disputed by the customer days, weeks or even months after the service is provided and the charge transaction has occurred. Typically the customer will contact the credit card company and protest the charge, stating that he/she was not at the establishment on the date of the charge and/or that he/she did not receive or did not sign for the services charged.

Fraudulent chargebacks are especially difficult to combat. The cardholder may be motivated by a desire to avoid the consequences of overspending on a corporate business expense account, or may be trying to avoid admitting to being in a specific bar or club. Sometimes the cardholder has planned a huge night out with every intention of issuing a chargeback and taking advantage of the system to steal from the bar or restaurant involved.

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