Merchant Data Systems and Karma Snack Bring Transactional Expertise to Drug Stores and Pharmacies

Juneau, Alaska (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

Merchant Data Systems, a company known for streamlining merchant services for businesses across the country, has teamed with Karma Snack, a renowned web marketing firm, to bring a unique combination of merchant services and marketing excellence to drug stores and pharmacies everywhere. The team hopes to transform the way pharmacies think about customer transactions, the web, and the new meaning of storefront as the web takes over modern commerce.

Like many businesses, the local pharmacy has been hit hard with the economic downturn of recent years. The trend has been one of ultra-powerful corporate conglomerates steamrolling small businesses, all while increasingly cash-strapped Americans seek the cheapest way to get their prescriptions filled.

In addition, the web has changed the way the world does business, both for giant online merchants like or even small stores like the local pizza joint. No longer do customers run to the ATM for a quick $ 20 bill. No longer is the slowpoke credit card machine the norm. Customers dont want to stand around and converse with the cashier while waiting for credit card processing to complete. They want to swipe a card and leave.

The Trouble with Merchant Processing

The credit and debit card has become a long accepted aspect of American commerce. For the most part, drug stores and pharmacies have kept up with the trend just fine. The trick has been completing the transaction efficiently. Every retail store wants to remove all obstacles between the customer and his or her wallet. Shoddy credit card machines can do immeasurable damage to the customer/retailer relationship. For that reason, its vital that pharmacies, as soon as they decide to accept credit cards, select credit card terminals known for functionality and efficiency. Since 1997, Merchant Data Systems has provided expert transaction services, payroll solutions, and invoicing solutions to business all over the United States.

Moving Online for Customer Convenience

Success in business means success on the web. Its that simple. The world is moving into the cloud, as some are now calling the Internet, and MDS wants to help pharmacies make that transition smooth. Customer convenience is essential to the successful pharmacy. Customers want online payment options; they want the ability to fill an online shopping cart and check out via mobile payment; they want an e-commerce solution to support their brick-and-mortar storefront visit. MDS makes all that possible for the local pharmacy, even featuring POS integration and merchant cash advance solutions to facilitate a superior customer service experience.

A Big Business Presence for Small Businesses

The new, harsh realities of the nations economy have mandated a work smarter philosophy, especially for small pharmacies. MDS and Karma Snacks team up makes it easier for pharmacies to add big business features to the small business. In addition to the conveniences offered by MDS complete merchant processing solutions, pharmacies can integrate powerful web marketing tools through Karma Snack. Expert in techniques such as search engine optimization(SEO), pay per click (PPC) marketing, and even high-caliber corporate video, Karma Snack brings considerable experience to bear in terms of expanding a pharmacys reach in the market.

Why MDS Teamed with Karma Snack

Combining fantastically efficient merchant services with savvy web marketing, MDS and Karma Snack are poised to become trusted resources for pharmacies and drug stores. Retail marketing is changing so quickly that many pharmacies have become disoriented in regards to their place in the market. Wasnt going to the pharmacy once a simple process? When did everything become so complicated by smartphones, the web, and consumers immeasurable need for a constant stream of information? MDS and Karma Snack want American pharmacies to know that moving into the 21st century isnt as complex as it seems. By making credit cards and web transactions easy, MDS is transforming the way pharmacies handle money. Through proven online marketing techniques, Karma Snack is transforming the way pharmacies reach out and connect with new customers. Transactions are more efficient. Marketing is more powerful. Pharmacies are charging into the future with MDS and Karma Snack right behind them.

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