Merchant Data Systems Announces New Mergers & Acquisitions Partner Program in Texas

Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 13, 2013

Merchant Data Systems (MDS) is launching a new customer program that offers several unique features. Texas patrons may find this type of program beneficial for their new business solutions. Merchant Processing is often a necessary feature that a customer is looking for. Merchant Data Systems now provides new specific services needed and includes a program that is strategic in nature. This type of strategic program for a business is the new Mergers & Acquisitions Partner Program.

MDS has certain programs for businesses that include forming a joint venture. There are buyout programs as well. An ISO business may be in need of cash, and a joint venture with MDS may be created to provide specific needs that may include a Sell ISO Portfolio directive or Buy A Merchant Portfolio directive.

These types of transactions may be closed quickly in order to assist the company that is in need of quick cash.Merchant Portfolios are able to bring in cash on an immediate basis. Merchant Services Sales are possible as MDS acts as a Merchant Acquirer for these transactions.

There are benefits that are included with a partnership with MDS. MDS has the capital and is able to fund immediately. Becoming business partners may include a plan to Sell Merchant Portfolio assets in order to produce certain cash flow benefits.

A business may elect to continue growing certain portfolios. MDS may provide certain back office support features. MDS has been in business for fifteen years and has continued to be profitable. The company has its own BIN and may underwrite the transactions for the businesses that are a part of the MDS network. There may be same day funding as well. Adelard Gasana, Co-Founder of Karma Snack, mentions, “Carrying their own BIN, Merchant Data Systems offers business owners looking for a merchant acquirer varying buy out options that can be completed quickly and in-house. No fuss, no muss.”

MDS has partnered with several different industries. A unique partnering program is offered, and this type of program may offer the solution to a business cash flow problem. Competitive reseller programs are available.

A merchant portfolio may include a collection of merchant accounts that an agent manages. These accounts may be for banking purposes, or the accounts may be for credit card processing. Merchant portfolios may be sold in order to assist a business that may have a cash flow problem. This is the most popular reason that a company may elect to work with MDS.

MDS may provide immediate cash funding for a business that has accounts outstanding that have not been paid. The accounts are sold or partnered with MDS, and the upfront cash payment is provided immediately. The business may continue to offer its patrons the convenience of credit sales, but the business may elect to receive the cash immediately from a portfolio plan with MDS.

The patrons with good credit may continue to use their credit accounts with the business, and the patron remains loyal to the business. The patrons’ good credit is used to partner these accounts with MDS, and the business is given the cash for these accounts immediately. A cash flow problem may be averted with this type of partnering program. This type of arrangement with MDS is typical for a start up company that can not afford to have certain accounts delayed in payment.

The capital gained from the sale of a portfolio account may be used to keep the business running smoothly. The profits from the business are gained in a timely manner. There are other options that may include a type of buyout or merger with MDS. MDS offers other business services that include a payroll program, payment processing services, credit card and debit card processing, equipment leasing and financing, and electronic check processing.

MDS offers services that include mobile processing and e-commerce online store processing. It may assist with a start-up company and provide virtual merchant services and payment processing. Credit card machines and terminals are available. Terminal card processing may be provided that includes processing credit card transactions through secure servers. Other safety and security features are available for a terminal credit card merchant.

These security features are available for the online and mobile business as well. Security features for online and mobile transactions may include encrypted information and security storage of this information.

Texas has certain partnering program services available. These include a mergers and acquisitions program and a program that is able to purchase online portfolios. These MDS programs are able to provide much needed cash payouts for businesses that may be in need of immediate cash. The businesses may continue to provide credit services for their patrons and have the immediate cash flow payout as well.

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