Merchant Data Systems Brings New Opportunities to Automotive Service Shops

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 11, 2013

The new Merchant Data Systems and Karma Snack team, a combined force of the power of a full service data processing company and an internet marketing expert company working together, is poised to turbo charge automotive service shops business success and profits.

The credit card processing system delivered by this duo is prepared with state of the art services and financial products that support business owners with the most up to date technology while keeping costs low. The same high quality services and financial products that keep expenses down and cash flowing into the business are available with the new mobile credit card processing services that allow mobile staff to accept any credit card payment system used today with only a smartphone. The merchant services support all online sales with any debit or credit card payment; even online check services collect funds and record critical data with ease and speed. These capabilities provide critical information to support online campaigns 24 hours per day, 7 days a week never losing a second of potential business, an important contact, or any information essential to business activity or development. Automotive service shops that are not utilizing this type of POS support with marketing will be left behind.

Credit card terminals and credit card machines are included with this program at a very low cost. The terminals and machines are easy and quick to use. Lifetime warranties are guaranteed. As a result no sales or service jobs are ever lost due to inability to accept payments of any form.

Online merchant, credit card terminals and mobile payment systems are closely coordinated and integrated with Karma Snack who builds and promotes businesses by integrating financial services with marketing data. The mobile payment solutions accept credit cards at remote locations onsite with mobile phones. The invoicing solutions program fortifies these benefits. As a result, businesses can fine tune any plan to maximize business activity and income stream.

The combination of the cutting edge merchant processing services and internet marketing free Automotive service shops to take care of automotive services and let this dynamic team manage and integrate payment data, sales data and effective marketing strategies that strengthen business and organize all data necessary for business operation.

The all-inclusive qualities of merchant services that track online inquiries to sales either in the brick and mortar shops or through mobile services interpret every action to make the best use of customer information. The data services and marketing support will decode every glimmer and spark of customer interest and allow the business to capitalize on this information. Additionally, this team will ensure that each bit of customer data will transform and grow from interest and inquiry to a firm sale. Adelard Gasana, Co-Founder of Karma Snack and partner with MDS mentions, “Merchant Data Systems has focused intently on creating a one-stop-shop for merchants. Through the help of partners and team ups the company is able to offer merchants a true, efficient, full service experience.”

Any interaction with a customer will transition to sale, payment and then on to repeat customer. The data will then be effortlessly sorted and organized to direct the business to the next action.

With the volume of activity resulting from the support of this amazing pair, businesses will require additional services to maintain and grow the momentum. Using payroll solutions will allow for easy payroll processing and compensation systems for employees that are consistent, reliable and support an upbeat operation. Also available is merchant cash advance to help with cash flow challenges that accompany explosive growth.

Automotive service shops benefit from user friendly online merchant systems with simple shopping cart mechanisms to continue customer contact and merchandise sales. The shopping cart applications will also support regular contact between service jobs by sorting interest in product. This team guarantees that whenever a need occurs to a customer, the contact information of the client company is the first contact of the customer. Because the online merchant systems provided by this team also support online check acceptance, any payment method is supported and funds are quickly deposited. This efficient flow of marketing all the way to payment collection will also result in less salaried employee time used for handling financial transactions so they can use their expertise in quality customer service.

The POS Integration system provided by Merchant Data Systems is so smooth that any business hesitant to fully embrace e-commerce will come on board and ask why they waited so long.

All businesses should be primed to embrace the economic recovery. Merchant Data Systems and Karma Snack are the most experienced working team at integrating business data and marketing solutions. They will give any business the support it should have to take full advantage of the emerging recovery.

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