Merchant Data Systems Offers New Services to Colleges, Universities, Junior Colleges, and Professional Schools

Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB) December 24, 2012

Payroll solutions and credit card processing services are a key component for any merchant or business business. The best payroll solutions and credit card processing services can help a business easily and quickly process transactions and increase revenue. Increasing revenue and overall sales can be easy when a company or a merchant has the best merchant services around.

Merchant Data Systems is now offering its state of the art merchant solutions to colleges, universities, junior colleges and professional schools across the country. Merchant Data Systems, also known as MDS, has an excellent reputation and offers some of the best merchant services on the market today.

MDS has helped many businesses and institutions quickly and easily accept payments of all types. MDS also offers specialized services to help businesses increase their leads sales and revenue. Being able to accept a wide variety of payment processing options, as well as payments over the phone from phone orders, payments online from a website or payments at a “point of sale” terminal can help any business or institution such as a university increase its overall revenue quickly.

MDS is expanding its services to reach the college community. Universities & professional schools can benefit significantly from the services that MDS offers because they are now able to process payments fast.

Here are some of the many services that MDS offers.

Online Payments Processing Services

Colleges and universities can now accept payments online for any services. This is easy with the online merchant processing that MDS offers. MDS will allow an institution to accept credit cards online quickly and easily.

By accepting many different types of credit and debit cards, businesses know that they can increase sales and revenue; accepting many different types of credit and debit cards also makes it very easy and convenient for the customer.

A college or a university, which is basically just a business, can accept payments in the same way and accepting online payments will give the institution the ability to easily and quickly collect revenue with the services that MDS offers. Adelard Gasana, Co-Founder of Karma Snack, mentions, “The online processing sector is growing at an incredible rate. Merchant Data Systems has worked to create processing options that include online shopping carts and payment options to help business grow into the online sector.”

Mobile Credit Card Processing

In addition to online merchant payment processing, MDS offers a wide variety of mobile services. Mobile credit card processing can be described as the wave of the future in merchant processing. However processing credit cards isn’t just a merchant processing service of the future, it is already here and very popular.

Many people choose to make purchases from their mobile devices and being able to tap into this very large and very quickly growing pool of new potential customers is key for any business or institution.

MDS offers some of the best mobile processing services around so that customers can quickly and easily purchase any products or services that a business has to offer from their mobile device.

Teaming Up With Karma Snack

MDS has teamed up with Karma Snack so that they can combine their excellent services. Karma Snack offers a wide variety of internet marketing tools and SEO strategies and techniques for any website or business.

Using these proven internet marketing tools as well as the payment solutions that are offered by MDS can be an excellent way for a college, university, trade school or junior college to promote itself and increase its revenue by quickly and easily accepting a wide variety of payments at the same time.

E-Commerce And Shopping Cart

While traditional credit card terminals can be very helpful when processing payments, e-commerce is a great way to increase revenue as stated earlier. Along with offering the best credit card machines and mobile payment options, MDS offers excellent e-commerce processing tools and services.

A university can quickly process payments through a shopping cart and their customers will have many options when making purchases through the shopping cart that is offered by MDS.

Having the ability to customize shipping, payments, payment types, quantity and other options when placing orders gives the customers a wide variety of choices and it also gives them the best customization options possible for their orders.

Invoicing Solutions

MDS offers the best invoicing solutions for any business or institution. Sending an invoice is very easy with MDS and sending multiple invoices is quite simple with the great services that MDS offers.

POS Integration

Point of sale, or “POS” integration allows a business or an institution to integrate their point of sale operations with the excellent services offered by MDS. This makes processing all orders and sales faster and easier with the services that MDS offers.

Now that MDS is expanding to service colleges, universities, junior colleges and professional schools, these institutions will be able to use all of the great services that MDS has to offer. MDS has been offering it’s state of the art merchant services for years and they offer everything from a merchant cash advance and mobile payments to easy “point of sale” integration solutions and credit card processing solutions online.

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