Metra map, spring 1995

Metra map, spring 1995

Image by mod as hell
I’m hardly an expert on Metra and Chicagoland rails, but I can spot quite a few things different from a current map, and marked the most obvious differences. I picked up a bunch of old Metra brochures (1989-2001) for free today and I’m having fun going through them–more scans to follow!
Ha, it refers to "quaint, historic suburbs"–I keep telling people I’m running around on Metra to visit lots of "quaint historic downtowns," though the train stuff now interests me nearly as much…

3 thoughts on “Metra map, spring 1995

  1. Wow, I find this interesting since I’m not too familiar with Chicago Land transit. It’s great to know several lines have been expanded just in the last decade or so

  2. Heh, I found and skimmed through this piece about the expansion to Manhattan in 2006, months after Elburn (The Antioch line appeared in 1996). It appears I’m not the only one interested in riding the weekday-only lines for fun, and frustrated with how limited they are (since they’re geared towards commuters, not reverse-commuting railfans!)

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