Metrics: What Really Matters

Metrics: What Really Matters
Event on 2013-10-08 07:30:00

Metrics: What Really Matters

Too much data, not enough insights. Big Data. Volume, Variety, and Velocity of data. We live in a world where we have more access to data than ever, but knowing how to use it effectively to drive better engagement with clients and improved business results is both an art and a science. Technology enables our ability to access and analyze data, but the human element is still critical to finding insights, telling the "story" of the data, and driving better business results.


Metrics–What Really Matters, will focus on the opportunities to use Digital Marketing data to impact all parts of the organization, from Strategy to Sales to Customer Service and Support. The session will provide you with actionable steps you can take to determine what Digital Marketing metrics are the most important for your business, and how to measure and analyze them to improve business intelligence and business results.


Rob Silas, Senior Director of Marketing Cloud Practice for Magnet 360, is a digital marketing industry veteran who has been helping companies find success on the web for more than a decade. He is focused on one thing: providing insights from online marketing data that lead to more successful marketing and sales results. His emphasis is on integrating measurement strategy with business strategy, so clients have measurements that provide insights on how well strategies are working, and the fastest paths to making improvements that impact the bottom line. Prior to his work at Magnet360, Rob was the President and COO of Ciceron, one of the leading digital marketing firms in the Twin Cities.

at The Metropolitan Ballroom
5418 Wayzata Boulevard
Minneapolis, United States

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