Metro Route 48 Strip Map

Metro Route 48 Strip Map

Image by Oran Viriyincy
Mock up of an in-coach strip (10 x 36 in) map for the 48. This one does not show other streets like my 255 map. I had one partially finished that showed streets and water and landmarks but gave up on it because I didn’t like the way it turned out.

I can’t say that I’m satisfied with this one. Perhaps I tried to put in too much info on to the map. The text size is large, around 1.5 to 2 times larger than used on the London and Paris strip maps I’m using as a base.

Oh, I know it’s kind of a joke to put the travel times on the map for this route. Just yesterday, the 48 I was in got passed by another one around Greenwood and one guy in Green Lake complained that he waited for an hour (really?).

One reason we won’t see this on real buses is that Metro tries to keep its fleet highly interchangeable and one bus may run on different routes during the day. Electronic paper might do the trick but it does have some issues.

5 thoughts on “Metro Route 48 Strip Map

  1. This route is tough to draw since it goes everywhere and in 2 major directions (E-W, and N-S). I like how you did 15th. Also, it would be good to note that on late nights and Sundays, the 48 only goes as far as Mount Baker. Oh and not a big deal, but the 540 transfer would be either at Montlake or UW Hosp.

  2. Thanks Evan. I put in your recommendations. I was thinking ahead. In 2009, the next round of Transit Now improvements, according to the City of Seattle, will include extending all Route 48 trips to Rainier Beach. So right now LINK is not open yet but it would be nice to show that it’s coming really soon. Also fixed the Express line to accurately show the limited stop portion of the route and indicated direction of travel. Combined E John and E Madison stops since they’re just one block apart. In some cases, I get walk to Madison faster than the bus could.

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