MGH updates Boston Marathon victims’ status

(Boston Globe) Massachusetts General Hospital officials give updates on patients that were admitted after the explosion at the Boston Marathon. Video by Akil…

23 thoughts on “MGH updates Boston Marathon victims’ status

  1. sory, but you generalize all muslim.. muslim has a religious connotation and value.. may be you are referring to an arab, pakistani or afghan, or moro.. the tribe or etnicity. we are sorry for the bombing. let justice be prevail no matter what…….

  2. Believe me, the Jews did that. Their Mossad is everywhere. The September 11 attacks will happen again. They want defaming Islam like before.

  3. You’re going for the reloading materials now! That look like a gun powder explosion with a little bit of iron oxide in it. They keep buying up all the ammunition, now they’re going to make everybody a terrorist that ownes gunpowder. Its hard to reload ammunition without it. After Sandy Hook they saw what screw ups FEMA are, so they brought in a different team! That Boston Super Cop, And that little bald dwarf guy! Lt Vance is probably obama’s dog walker now. Good luck America! GOD bless

  4. NO SHIT THEY HAD A MOCK SCENARIO!!! how else do you think they train for bomb threats? It’s a big fucking celebration, they prepare for shit. Ever heard of fire drills???

  5. *breathes in………….. “smells like staged event”. they already had a mock scenario before the marathon. feel bad for those there that werent expecting it. like sandy hook, but with non actors and actresses. 

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  7. Dios un dia hara justicia no se como un ser humano le puede hacer daño a otro nadie tiene derecho de lastimar a nadie y mucho menos a un niño NO NO NO NO NO ES INDIGNANTE

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