Michael T. Jones, Google Earth/Maps/Local

Michael T. Jones, Google Earth/Maps/Local

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Michael T. Jones, CTO, Google Earth/Maps/Local

where? +34° 1′ 12.23", -118° 17′ 23.53"


Building the ‘autobiographical planet’ – ask the earth about things.
"Geographically organize the world’s info". NOT "organize the world’s geographical info"

We created the maps API "in the spirit of Gauss": well-documented, generic subroutines

In the first 12 months after publishing the Maps API:
– 30,000 map developer sites.
– 51,700,000 mentions of maps
– 129,299 blog posts

Google Earth
– 100 million installs in first 12 months
– GE community bbs.keyhole.com has >560,000 members)

Sketchup: 70,000 models made by users in the first month

Data reliability – how to deal with "geo-spam"? use rankings.
"place rank" like page rank. rank place names + info about the kind of people who seem to like each name.
Avoid the wikipedia syndrome, where people fight about the one right answer.
Also avoid having the one answer that would drive customers away show up on the first result page.


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