Michio Kaku: The Dark Side of Technology

bigthink.com Dr. Michio Kaku addresses this question: What is the most dangerous technology? Directed / Produced by Jonathan Fowler and Elizabeth Rodd
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20 Responses to Michio Kaku: The Dark Side of Technology

  1. cellofingers says:

    In other word the ever weakening dissipation factor would basically naturalize the biological agent.

  2. cellofingers says:

    Airborne viruses that are weaponized would be very hard to distribute due to its ratio of airspace to square miles squared coverage.

  3. MarkOates2 says:

    I went and found my headphones just for that…

  4. Postghost says:

    Sloppy one..

  5. christian78478 says:

    the most interesting man i have ever seen

  6. MrPumpkinsmasher30 says:

    People like you who make me scared that this technology could be available one day. You never learned biology, did you?

  7. MrNoLeads says:


  8. stuckinda8Os says:

    Not quite a Big Bang, just quasi sub-atomic (and stinky) particles, pushed through a black hole by Michio’s own cosmic wind, just to be converted from inert, gaseous matter into a more tangible laughing matter. And a reminder of why he shouldn’t have had that 2×1 burrito special 4 hours before the interview.

  9. 3terNalb3aT says:

    Wouldnt modern people be resilient to the spanish flu? But if ebola becomes airborne were all fucked.

  10. Jazaar97 says:

    I like this man, I like him a lot 😀

  11. MineCreeper90 says:

    ok im ready for my baby. nbasdfkfhvgacfgkuacfvkvsgdgh vhckchvguikchgvjgcfkgvh hfgdvfbifdhbgkvfohhkfsdh ?

  12. PoptartRebellion says:


  13. JRODTHEVID says:

    Basement Terrorists are the biggest threat to America in the Near future. Elect JRODTHEVID 2034 for a airborne aidsless, spanishflu-less, genetic typewriter-less, laser enriched uranium-less future.

  14. doxide says:

    I hope Al Queda doesn’t find this video.

  15. heavymetaldeath4life says:


  16. Frank Duran says:

    Michio just taught terrorists how to make an atomic bomb in their basement

  17. RhinoG92 says:

    Shut the fuck up and fuck off. You are not fooling anyone, mother fucker.

  18. ebonytorpedo says:


  19. longbongotimee says:

    @mmacko123 Why does this have 39 upvotes

  20. longbongotimee says:

    @GamingFreeksGameplay Okay you’re so funny…

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