MicroNugget: How IPsec Site to Site VPN Tunnels Work

In this MicroNugget, CBT Nuggets trainer Keith Barker takes a look at the concepts of how IPsec works. Keith will also show you a before and after picture of a protocol analyzer to take a look at the details of a packet after it’s encrypted. Want to request a MicroNugget? Express your ideas here: www.cbtnuggets.com
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8 thoughts on “MicroNugget: How IPsec Site to Site VPN Tunnels Work

  1. Hi Keith, is the NAT address for right? IPsec configured on the router encrypts whatever data sent between the configured ip’s(B/W AND in this video)please correct me if i am wrong. THANKS sir.

  2. I don’t get it with the source ip adresses. The router would change the source private ip address anyway if it is ipsec or not if it goes through the internet. It also encapsulates the whole packet with HDLC or whatever protocol the router is using to connect to the ISP router. No one could ever see the private ip address even if ipsec is not used. Could you please elaborate on that one?I really don’t get it

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