Microsoft Challenge Accepted: Sylien Games completes 100 HTML5 game apps

Microsoft Challenge Accepted: Sylien Games completes 100 HTML5 game apps
Event on 2013-06-18 17:00:00

What do you do when Microsoft calls and asks you if you can bring all your games to Win 8 and Win Phone 8 using HTML5?

Yes… of course.

Would you like to know how it happened? How did it go? What did we learn?

Join Sylien Games CEO Sylvain Rochon, a couple awesome Microsoft Evangelists, and a bunch of game industry experts, indie developers, and general game designers interested in developing Windows 8 applications for a celebration in success, truly useful information and some fun.

He’ll describe the good the bad and the ugly about the Challenge of publishing 100 games to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Marketplaces, showcasing Sylien Games’ abilities and expertise at generating large amounts of commercially viable games on a small budget in little time, and discussing the various Microsoft resources available to companies interested in creating awesome apps on the new Microsoft OS/Platforms/Tools.

Try the games for yourself on some Win 8 devices, or bring your own Windows 8 device to the event and play against each other… have some refreshments, chat with others with a passion for HTML5, gaming, or the mobile platform, and generally have a good time.

There will be roughly 30 minutes of presentation by Sylien Games and Microsoft at around 5:30pm followed by food, drinks, games and some free time to check out the games, network, chat, and ask questions.

at Invest Ottawa
80 Aberdeen St., Suite 100
Ottawa, Canada

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