Microsoft is taking over Yahoo!

Microsoft is taking over Yahoo!

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Help! Flickr! Panic!? What to do next?

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  1. Can someone start a protest pool? The few pics I have seen in online articles are amazing. Would be great if they were grouped in an easy to find flickr pool. Thanks! Another funny one:

  2. Very appropriate picture… MSFT is swallowing YHOO… but let’s not forget that YHOO swallowed FLICKR few months before…. It’s the evil corporations empire… a sad reality… So what’s next? what’s out there like Flickr, better than Flickr, possibly not owned by some major corporation?

  3. Thanks Francesco. 2005, when Yahoo snapped Flickr, it was a medium sized, but very fast growing photo community. Yahoo had the server infrastructure to support the countless new users. Both profitted. But now, the Microsoft and Yahoo internet applications portfolio have more in common than search engines and web mail. What will be left of Yahoo in 1 or 2 years? Also I’m wondering, how the new Yahoo – Microsoft corporate culture will work. The best alternative IMHO is, but the last word in the merger has’t been spoken…

  4. Francesco – you should check out (in the interest of full disclosure, I do work there). We are invite only but if you email me (krista at Photrade dot com) and reference this issue I would be happy to send to an invite (private beta right now) and answer any questions. We are about as far away from corporate as you can get – just closed some seed funding and are currently cleaning up the rough edges. Check out the Flickr discussion from the Altanta guild for their discussion

  5. Microsoft announces new Flickr pricing!!! Say goodbye to Flickr Pro 🙁 Say hello to Flickr Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate. Flickr Home Basic – $24.99 Flickr Home Premium – $39.99 Flickr Ultimate – $69.99 Flickr Business – $99.99 Flickr Enterprise – * Call for pricing (probably can’t afford it)

  6. I’m out of here if Yahoo accepts the bid. Now how do I download all the photos with all the meta information? That is, tags, EXIF data, notes, copyright, sets, privacy information, stats, and everything else. Anyone try flickrdownload?

  7. yes, i am actually looking for such a tool too! i want to download all my pix and the info, exif, notes, …. to my harddrive as quick as possible. i will definitely not renew my pro account in march and since that means i will only have the access to the last 200 pix … i need to act fast if i want to grab my ~ 1800 fotos! any help would be very much appreciated!

  8. I think this photo is a Please add your photo to After you add it to the group pool, please tag this photo as a SuperShot Invited with SIC

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