Microsoft releases apps, even more Material Design, new video games! – Google Play Weekly

Written Companion – Join us for this week’s Google Play Weekly as we talk about some apps Microsoft released on Android, a whole bunch of Material Design updates, a…

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27 Responses to Microsoft releases apps, even more Material Design, new video games! – Google Play Weekly

  1. Android Authority says:

    *This week’s Google Play Weekly is out!* This week it’s about Microsoft, Google, even more Material Design, and video games! Watch it below or read it here: By +Joseph Hindy 

  2. Raihaan Rahman says:

    I still don’t have the updated playstore, and I have a nexus 5

  3. Joseph Hindy says:

    *Here’s my latest Google Play Weekly!* I had to talk a lot this week O.o and Microsoft and Google dominated the headlines. Still though, that Republique game looks really cool. 

  4. KLX says:

    There are no good applications on the playstore.

  5. Conaire Meenan says:

    Every time Joe said ok Google my phone went into Google search

  6. Linkon Manwani says:

    am i the only who thinks Google material design is somewhat inspired from Windows phone live tiles.. :|

  7. Pi5hvi says:

    tried the NHL2k … still like Ice Rage better :)

  8. RazorFlix says:

    Hey guys. Love your videos! I was wondering if you guys could do a video covering the rumored HTC One Max/Prime? I thought you guys would have jumped on it already. 

  9. Govind Pavan says:

    Please never say OK google again ,activates Google now every time

  10. Sureshot Orb says:

    Real awesome videos guys! Keep it up! 

  11. New American Fishkeeper says:

    Below 150 club.

  12. Electro_Dash says:

    Materialize ALL the things

  13. gaurav dua says:

    8 th comment bro

  14. MilkxOreos says:

    Joe :3

  15. Univalent Agate says:

    Highlight of my week

  16. Liam Mckeown says:

    Great video, love the new material design. Keep it up from ireland

  17. Kriss P Bacon says:

    I was watching this on my phone and when you said “ok Google” my Google now went off haha

  18. Genius in Vain says:

    Don’t say ‘Ok Google’ my phone is going crazy here. 

  19. Jan-Jaap Mollen says:

    LOL when you said ‘OK Google’ my phone did recognise it!

  20. Humberto Neto says:

    Hey! Can anyone please send me an invite for inbox? Would really love to test it out. Much appreciated. Best regards 

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