Microsoft Surface 3, Google Chromebit by Asus, Amazon Dash Button

Microsoft adds another tablet to their Surface lineup, the Surface 3. Google introduces the Chromebit, a dongle that turns any TV into a PC. Shopping for household products gets even simpler…
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22 Responses to Microsoft Surface 3, Google Chromebit by Asus, Amazon Dash Button

  1. The Curious Noob says:

    I’d be happier if Amazon released an app with an order button for your common products. The plastic buttons would get annoying piling up everywhere.

  2. FilthyFries says:

    I’m so sick of the fucking april 1st bullshit. companies, if you’re going to announce something, please do it seriously and not as a fucking joke

  3. NCIXcom says:

    Who needs a full PC when you have the Asus Chromebit?

  4. dacasman says:

    everything in the episode is an april 1st joke. 

  5. Tony Orozco says:

    “Free Stuff!” Me: 😀 “With the purchase of…” Me. >:(

  6. CryArc11 says:

    I wish Microsoft would make a new Surface device that would be easy to upgrade, had a place to securely store its pen, COME WITH ITS KEYBOARD CASE and didn’t cost a shit tonne of money.

  7. Aarekk says:

    What, I don’t like how the slim looks. I actually prefer how it looks right now. Wish it was a bit smaller, yeah, but aesthetically, I think it looks good.

  8. hellcat1988 says:

    Yes, I feel like a nerd saying this. You did the fusion dance completely wrong.

  9. Ruskie says:

    Where the fuck is Esther???

  10. NiceGuysRUs says:

    I need one of those buttons for Fresh Hot Pizza Rolls delivered to my room :P

  11. Flea hermit says:

    aww wtf why atom noooo! bad microsoft we need i5s and i7s on surfaces

  12. David H says:

    the Amazon Dash Button is an April fools prank!! Amazon said 

  13. HKaftermath says:

    under 301 club, how tough are ye?

  14. The King Of The Potato People says:

    Does NCIX know what the word ‘free’ means?

  15. Ted SN says:

    I like pink ponys to

  16. Overlord Actual says:

    I already got an i5 4690k. I wonder if Intel will still help me out. Last shirt they sent was way too big.

  17. William Adames says:

    For the love of god don’t believe ANYTHING today. ITS ALL LIES!!!!!

  18. Erick Sitter says:

    Microsoft without a power brick…. One could dream

  19. Gregory Carnegie says:

    you forgot to extend your index fingers.your power level will be weak now.

  20. Keitho Sayoto says:

    I love net link daily …. “on a toos day” … pew pew pew lightning round. Lol

  21. Zachary De Rosia says:

    Is there a windows version of a Chromebit?

  22. TheBurstingLegend says:

    Why does Jack look younger? What the fuck happend?

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