Microsoft Surface 3, Google Chromebit by Asus, Amazon Dash Button

Microsoft adds another tablet to their Surface lineup, the Surface 3. Google introduces the Chromebit, a dongle that turns any TV into a PC. Shopping for household products gets even simpler…
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22 Replies to “Microsoft Surface 3, Google Chromebit by Asus, Amazon Dash Button”

  1. I’d be happier if Amazon released an app with an order button for your common products. The plastic buttons would get annoying piling up everywhere.

  2. I’m so sick of the fucking april 1st bullshit. companies, if you’re going to announce something, please do it seriously and not as a fucking joke

  3. I wish Microsoft would make a new Surface device that would be easy to upgrade, had a place to securely store its pen, COME WITH ITS KEYBOARD CASE and didn’t cost a shit tonne of money.

  4. What, I don’t like how the slim looks. I actually prefer how it looks right now. Wish it was a bit smaller, yeah, but aesthetically, I think it looks good.

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