Microsoft Surface Tablet Unboxing (Windows 8)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Microsoft Surface Tablet Unboxing (Windows 8)

  1. ASTPProductions says:

    no go away

  2. Isabelle Afful says:

    Where can u buy em

  3. calsvidz says:

    Does it have Microsoft word

  4. runescapeplayer22 says:

    Google for life my friend…

  5. husain woy says:

    can this thing conect to xbobx conteroler

  6. MarineCraft2468 says:

    All i see in comments are fights between Apple and Microsoft fans… Why cant you like both?

  7. gamerpro412 says:


  8. frank asaz says:

    i have no overview by windows 8, and it doesnt look seriously. ipad is much better. and the design is horrible.

  9. YunSeung says:

    Agreed. But then, Apple would try to sue them for having a simple design just like theirs, just like they tried to sue android manufacturers for making their devices rectangles -_-

  10. BigDreams42 says:

    Best Buy Staples Microsoft

  11. ramkrishna648 says:


  12. teamholmez86 says:

    I brought my partner a windows 8 laptop for Xmas and I set it up befor rapping it and I must say I didn’t wanna turn it off and I’m not a laptop person I like my ipad but very impressed much needed revamp for window thinking about getting one of theses for my partner next :)

  13. Michael Hayes says:

    Lotion huh ?

  14. ohad moisa says:

    is it just like a computer with windows 8 on its different?

  15. Ryan Hart says:

    you think that OS is complicated?..

  16. Dareh Nguyen says:

    Where can you buy these?

  17. equuxstylez says:

    how come this isnt for sale in canada? or is it.. they dont have it at best buy or futureshop anyone konw where i can buy it in canada

  18. fahad shabbir says:

    This is an alright tablet. But iPad is more fluid and better in any other way, and the most selling tablet on the market right now is the iPad with Retina Display and the iPad mini.

  19. YourLoveLetter says:

    I agree ipad is much more simple (for 2 year olds and such), but I am an adult and like using something more advanced and visually rich. I thought it was so ridiculous when you couldn’t even get weather on ios devices without having to open an individual app, they finally made that possible… but microsoft has taken the instant updates/information further with the live tiles.

  20. aoskate1 says:

    very good windows 8 tablet with wireless qwertypad!

  21. BiggestNano says:

    You can do that by changing them around.

  22. Steven French says:

    Again you are wrong, Alienware WAS amazing until Dell took over and overpriced it

  23. ElektroY400 says:

    So what is this, a PC or tablet

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