Microsoft Surface Unboxing, Windows 8 RT Tablet

Thanks for watching my Microsoft Surface Unboxing! Subscribe for all Windows 8, Surface Tablet and Apple coverage. This is my new W8 Microsoft Surface 32GB black Unboxing and overview video. This new Surface Tablet Unboxing highlights numerous physical aspects of Microsoft’s sleek, new Surface WinRT Tablet. Also mentioned in the Unboxing video are Touch and Type Cover, the Surface Kickstand and the magnetic charger. I hope you thoroughly enjoy this Windows 8 RT Surface Unboxing video (please smash that like button if you did). Follow me on Twitter for updates! Like my Facebook page:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Unboxing, Windows 8 RT Tablet

  1. Liked this review because I wasnt quite sure what the surface was. Great demo. Oh and…ipad mini give away! But I really just came gor the demo on the Surface…ipad mini giveaway is a bonys. Thanks. Looking forward to review of when you start up snd then showing some of the features!  Thx

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