Microsoft to buy Yahoo… more flickr identity problems

Microsoft to buy Yahoo… more flickr identity problems

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that color fate looks too dark to me… what do you think?

Microsoft Makes Billion Bid To Buy Yahoo-
MSFT + YHOO: What Would Microsoft Yahoo Look Like?

So the conference call has happened, and despite saying it has a plan to digest Yahoo, Microsoft didn’t share that with the world. Indeed, at one point it was said any plan depended on what Yahoo’s leadership would suggest. That means it’s time for What If. Some thoughts below from me and contributing editor Greg Sterling. We’ve been IMing all day about the move. […]

I didn´t add this to the Google set by mistake… you see, google is the ultimate reason of this news.

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  1. I’ve been dreading this since Yahoo bought Flickr: that one day I would have to leave. I can put up my photos elsewhere. Where else can I find the same community? Leaving Flickr would be like leaving my home. I have hope, but not much with Microsoft at the helm.

  2. Remember when Yahoo! bought Flickr, some of us were joking that M$ will buy Yahoo! now. It was just a cynical joke. It wasn’t supposed to actually happen. I tried to post in the Flickr Help forum to ask what it would mean to us — I was perfectly police and nice about asking if the TOS might change and what else might be different. I tried to post once, but my post strangely did not show up in the forum. So I tried to post again, but again my question did not appear in the forum. I tried one more time, figuring I was doing something wrong. But when I went to the posting page, I got an alert message: "Your account is not allowed to post in the help forums." At first I didn’t want to think it, but now I’m convinced that somebody at Flickr was actually deleting my question without telling me, and then even banned me from posting in the help forum! This is SOO not cool. It’s like a glimpse of the kind of behavior that is to come if M$ does wind up owning Yahoo! and Flickr. This is terrible.

  3. back to you on this as I have had my ears perked all day.. I was thinking about this all day.. but not sure what it would mean to Flickr’rs.. If we had to we could all move to another photo sharing site but none seems to be as good as this one maybe Google will offer to buy Flickr.. maybe maybe maybe meantime i will mindfully live in the present.. I wonder what our European delegation thinks about this..?? mostly no one is really fond of Microsoft.. but whattayagonnado..?

  4. Hi, I’m an admin for a group called MICROSOFT: KEEP YOUR EVlL GRUBBY HANDS OFF OF OUR FLICKR, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.

  5. Yahoo already made flickr feel how it is to be controlled by a big corporation (and flickr gradually became less and less interesting). What more "evil" would Micro$oft add? Perhaps this will stir up things at google a bit, and they will develop/buy a decent flickr competitor. I don’t think that would be a bad thing.

  6. Heard the news but did not think this thought until I saw your picture. Apple to buy Google next? Maybe they could make a Flickr alternate that works in the combined Google/Apple spirit of good design, cut the crap and things that work … then Microsoft, MSN, Yahoo and all the other over-engineered and too complicated services could stay together (=away from me and many others!)

  7. At 2 minutes 15 seconds into this movie: Annie Leonard says that of the worlds 100 largest economies 51 are corporations. When Walmart buys Microsoft or vice versa we will be asking the same questions. Thanks for the thought and all of your Alienessness!

  8. I feel nothing specially bad about Microsoft… it´s basically a question of being "sooo uncool"… The worse or best, is that Bill and them all know it (video on Bill Gates last day in microsoft… the epitome of uncoolness, featuring: he himself! Perhaps the only thing close to "cool" he ever did, to laugh at himself and bring famous people to help him…) Let me tell you the truth… I think Yahoo fashion is even worse than Microsoft´s… see "live", "msn", they make an effort… compare it to the "Yahoo!" portal, yahoomail… aaaahhhggg!!!

  9. Yeppers lights out. Flickr will now only work with Microsoft Cameras 😉 Microsoft announces new Flickr pricing!!! Say goodbye to Flickr Pro 🙁 Say hello to Flickr Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate. Flickr Home Basic – $24.99 Flickr Home Premium – $39.99 Flickr Ultimate – $69.99 Flickr Business – $99.99 Flickr Enterprise – * Call for pricing (probably can’t afford it)

  10. *sigh* It’s just not fair for Stewart and Caterina to see their baby consumed by the borg. Makes me think of escape clauses in M&A deals (if Microsoft takes over later, we can buy back the company). When Microsoft bought Hotmail, all but three employee bailed within a year, including both founders… and these were painful decisions given the unvested shares. I don’t think I have shared this anywhere before, but when Yahoo made its offer to buy Ludicorp (flickr), I was trying as best I could to convince them not to sell… and stay independent (with a investment from us of course). I so wish that had happened… (and that’s when I bought my first digital camera…. and experimented with photography for the first time… so it’s mighty nostalgic for me now… where I take over 2000 photos on a vacation and don’t think twice about it…) I try not to use Microsoft products, and this is really bumming me out.

  11. thank you all for the comments and sharing your concerns. Yeah, bio, lets hope for yahoo to decline, but the operation seems to be imminent. jurvey, thanks for the input. According to this article–-semel-mic... (and the comment below it from a guy from IBM), what you say about the experience with hotmail employees will likely happen too in this case… very sad, really. Thank you too for sharing that bite of info regarding the flickr sale… didn´t know, we never talked about it ideed. It´s comforting to know you tried to do something about it. I thought by that time, I remember, "why is that no-one is helping these guys out (Ludicorp) so that they don´t have to sell themselves to Yahoo?"… it remained all so confusing to me. Finally I came to the conclusion that it must have been part of the primal investors´ contract, that flickr would be someday sold to yahoo. Now it seems this was not the case. That they had the freedom to choose, and they chose to sell. Bewildering… everything would have been sooooo different. Flickr is not "just another network"… it was special, and they would have made it even more special had they remained owners, a private company, in these times of big fishes eating every single small fish they can… I wish too they had accepted your offer. I know you are very fond of them also, and hoped for their best. But well, hey… as Mattisse says: "It requires courage to see things as we never saw them before"… it requires courage to go against the tide. Unfortunately this Microsoft / Yahoo thing comes to make everything worse… as they are planning to cancel out many similar services they have (they are considering what to keep or how to merge: hotmail / yahoomail… msn / yahoo portal… etc…) It´s terrible. Totally bummer. ps: I just read the point on the escape clauses (I think you added that after I read the comment yesterday?)… well, wow, can that be possible? Are they already included in the flickr contract with Yahoo?It would be great…

  12. Interesting view of the matter. I think they will have a problem merging. It´s not about being or not being at startup company, it´s their nature totally different: Microsoft is a software company, Yahoo is a dot com company. Two different conceptions, two different kind of employers/employees. I dare say: two different generations. But I cannot tell myself either what may happen…

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