Mike Gills 2012 Novel Captures Essence of Corruption Investigation

OLDHAM, England (PRWEB) April 05, 2013

In Corruption (published by AuthorHouse), Mike Gills 2012 novel, readers are drawn into the life of Milo, a man who is reluctantly dragged into a fight against corruption and against two criminal gangs. But the real story is about his own journey to find the good in himself, having lived a life of bending every rule to make his fortune.

A business man who previously employed every dodgy skill in the book to make money gets involved with a group of people working to expose corruption in a local authority. As he discovers a conscience, he finds himself the target of two sets of organized criminals who set out to destroy him and his newfound friends. As he gets deeper into the struggle against the corrupt gangs he increasingly finds he is in reality seeking his own absolution for his own sins.

An excerpt from Corruption:

Just a few photos and bank statements that somehow found their way into my hands. Sort of shows a rather inappropriate financial and romantic link between a senior politician and a cute looking young man.

Frank opened the envelope and pulled one of the photographs out just enough to understand exactly what he held in his hands. His face suddenly flushed as he began to blurt How long have… What are you doing withIm not No question could be asked, no sentence finished as the vivid redness of his face began to change to a shade of light green and he slid back into the seat he vacated only moments ago no longer confident in his success.

Gill uses his novel to tackle such subjects as politics, public finance and criminal activities, but the book never loses focus on readers. Most importantly I want readers to enjoy the story, he says. But I also want them to begin with a low opinion of Milo and then grow to like him as he develops as a human being.


By Mike Gill

Softcover | 5 x 8in | 342 pages | ISBN 9781468581645

E-Book | 342 pages | ISBN 9781468581652

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Mike Gill is a senior human resource adviser working for a large local authority. His experience of investigating allegations of grant misappropriation, job fixing and local tax evasion form the basis of corruption and the evidence obtained was provided to the police, council auditors and a government appointed review team looking into the causes of race riots in a northern town. Gill was born in north Manchester and lives in Oldham with his wife.

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