Mike Koenigs 2014 Business Marketing Predictions, Strategies & Tools for Content Marketing

http://www.InstantCustomer.com/events Every year I make my predictions for the coming year. In this video, I’ll talk about 2014 and beyond. Where are the biggest opportunities? Where’s the…

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16 Responses to Mike Koenigs 2014 Business Marketing Predictions, Strategies & Tools for Content Marketing

  1. Sam Ellis says:

    As alway you guys share value!

  2. Mervyn Hayward says:

    I think so. By the way I am a full-time youtuber and I utilize youtube to get web traffic, and this video has been very useful for me. thanks. I recommend that all of you go to my youtube channel and learn more regarding how i utilize the power of youtube to *bring visitors* to my site

  3. Deborah Deras says:

    I am so blown away by that great information. Thank you.

  4. 1917sally says:

    The truth ! Forced into this as I can’t quit !!!!!

  5. Mike Koenigs says:

    Lots of great comments and feedback so far on my 2014 marketing and content predictions AND there’s lots of interest in a follow-on webcast we have scheduled for January 9th. Please let me know what you think and post any questions you’d like my team and I to answer! Thanks for your support and Happy New Year!

  6. Jason Stovall says:

    Wow! This video has gold nuggets. love the Quote: “You Don’t Want To Be The First One To Die When The Tigers Come” … 3D Printing and Hulu close to 1 billion in Rev. Virtual benefits. 80% College Kids text while they drive! A Current Demand B Emerging demand C Latent Demand So much more … thanks a million

  7. Allie Crowder-Schaefer says:

    Just watched a great video on business trends for 2014. If you’re in business, or thinking of starting one, be sure to check it out!

  8. Mike Koenigs says:

    The comments and feedback continue to come in – and when you search for 2014 content marketing predictions, 2014 business predictions, 2014 marketing predictions, this video and links show up towards thr top of a Google search. It just goes to show how powerful content marketing is and how well video marketi works to increase engagement and produce high-quality search results. On January 9th, we’ll be livcasting a Google Hangout and announcing new tools and discussing the latest strategies for video, mobile, social media, podcasting, multicasting, bookcasting, mobilecasting to build and grow your audience this coming year. The event is free and details are at http://www.InstantCustomer.com/events We’ll have live interactive chat, and lots of fun!

  9. Miguel de Jesus says:

    2014 Business Marketing predictions from my friends Mike Koenigs and Ed Rush.

  10. Mike Koenigs says:

    Wow! Thank you for the kind words, great comments and shares! Please keep them coming and tell me what you’re planning on implementing and doing this coming year…

  11. Jacob Sapochnick says:

    Great insights for 2014. What is your take on Google glass?

  12. Rick Noblett says:

    Hi Mike…that was a POWER HOUR for sure! Thanks for the kind words, and super pumped for an amazing 2014!

  13. J. Alberto Hernandez-Taveras says:
  14. Scott Mueller says:

    A great marketer shares his insight on the next year. very much worth watching. Happy New Year!

  15. Gerry Oginski says:

    Great content Mike & Ed. Thanks for your thoughts and insight!

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