Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

Image by sirwiseowl
The mind map I did recently to highlight the benefits and hazards of running / jogging.

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4 Responses to Mind Mapping

  1. TINA BEAN2 says:

    Neat shot!

  2. Jennifer Goddard says:

    luv it! I’m a bit of a Mind Map fan and started a collection on http://www.fuzz2buzz.com/en/mindexchange/browse-grid on all different topics – have you seen it ?

  3. Clare Dickerson says:

    Hey. I’m the admin for a new group called Maps. and I would love to have this posted there.

  4. parfitt123 says:

    Great photo! Many thanks for sharing it with Creative Commons. I have used it here: libguides.tts.edu.sg/topicguides

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