Mindful Worships Christian Guided Meditations Experiences 38% Increase in Subscribers

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) February 24, 2015

Mindful Worship, a Wilmington, N.C.-based company that produces high quality Christian guided meditations designed to help people slow down and savor God’s word, announced today that it had a 38% increase in subscribers in the past six months.

Thousands of Christians have discovered a new way to share quality time with God by listening to Christian-guided meditations, which sometimes are called guided imagery. They have been used for many years in Eastern religions as well as in the medical field to help patients as part of both psychological and physical therapy.

Christians who are cautious about what goes into their mind have been searching for a Bible-based alternative like Mindful Worship, which has scriptural meditations geared to fostering relationship with God and spiritual growth.

Listeners to our Christian-guided meditations are reporting increased intimacy with God and benefits to their mind, body and soul, said Ricky Spears, founder of Mindful Worship. These meditations take listeners on a mental, emotional and spiritual experience that changes their lives in unexpected ways.

According to Spears, Mindful Worships guided meditations aren’t something one just listens to; rather, they are something one does. God instructs us to meditate on His word, and our recordings are our way of letting others join us in our meditative journey with God and the Bible,” he said.

“Mindful Worship is a tool that allows me to focus my mind on God’s word and my relationship with Jesus Christ, said Jeremy Mahood, senior pastor of All Nations Church in Sudbury, Ontario. The Bible never tells us to empty our mind but to renew our mind as we meditate on God’s word. With Mindful Worship my active mind can rest in God’s word and be renewed.”

Steve Dalton, product manager for Mindful Worship, noted, “Our meditations help people relax so they can better focus on God. They aren’t filled with just ‘feel good’ scriptures and thoughts either. They can be very challenging, very emotional and very insightful. They can provoke you to action in your relationships, or repentance toward God. If you mindfully interact with them, you will be changed.”

Mindful Worship offers listeners unlimited access on a subscription basis, and its library of Christian-guided meditations is updated regularly.

For those interested in trying Christian-guided meditation, Mindful Worship has made more than a dozen available at no cost. Many more can be accessed through a $ 10 subscription to its web site, MindfulWorship.com. Meditations are also available on audio CD and in popular online music stores including iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google Play so that individuals can listen wherever they want, however they want.

Since 2007, Mindful Worship has been producing high quality Christian-guided meditations to help people slow down and savor God’s word. All of the companys meditations are available at http://www.MindfulWorship.com, on audio CD and in popular online music stores including iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google Play. Mindful Worship is a product of Spears Technologies, Inc. For more information visit the website or contact Ricky Spears at ricky(at)mindfulworship(dot)com.

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