Mindgine Kickstarts Plug Computing and Social Cloud Revolution

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 1, 2011

Not for profit technology company, Mindgine, is set to change the face of modern-day computing while simultaneously promoting humanitarian research. The launch of the Mindebian Micro and Mindebian X, two plug computers that interface with a social cloud network, allow users unrestricted access to an application rich, eco-friendly, humanitarian, open source micro-computer system.

The Mindgine plug computers (a computer enclosed in an AC power plug or AC adapter) use an operating system called Mindebian OS, and are accessible and controllable from any Internet connection and over 13,000 mobile devices. Mindebian computers allow users to create new applications within the community and new hardware to enhance the functionality of the system. Users can also upload, share and stream files with friends through popular social sites like Facebook.

Mindebian OS provides unlimited storage capability for commonly used mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. The Mindebian OS is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and Mac 10.4 and above, and Linux 32bit kernel. A Mindebian computer can be used as an external firewall, IP camera controller, virtual private network, proxy, transcoder, game emulator, and anything else the community decides it wants to facilitate. There is also good news for MagicJack users, who will no longer require their computer to be switched on to send and receive VOIP calls.

Mindebian plug computers work far more economically than standard PC or MAC systems, using just 15 cents of electric per year, yet the Mindgine concept stretches far beyond being carbon-friendly. When Mindebian computers arent being used, power is pulled and directed to the Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) to enhance research for a cause of the users choice. This could be astronomy, biology and medicine, art, or even artificial intelligence. As Mindgine CEO, Peter Wojtowicz, explains, Mindgine computing is completely unrestrictive and interacts with the evolving world of mobile communication, yet at the same time is energy-resource friendly and contributes positively to research development in science, medicine, and technology. We believe in a community courageous enough to calculate mankinds greatest queries with a philanthropic approach.

Mindgines multi faceted plug computers are highly affordable and in many cases free. Mindgine are planning to give Mindebian computers away to college students, developers, and others who share their vision for innovation. Participating in the community will earn users points towards free devices, exclusive applications, and merchandise. For a single dollar, Mindgine are offering early access to their beta platform, and a down payment of just $ 61 secures a Mindebian plug computer on release. CFO Tomasz Wojtowicz concludes, The Mindebian concept means developers are only limited by their imagination, not by resource or finance. There is a realm of super computing developers havent yet had the chance to create, and Mindgine are here to facilitate that realm and ensure it becomes a mainstream reality.

For more information on the Mindebian Micro and Mindebian X plug computers, the Mindgine social cloud network, and to demo Mindebian OS, visit: http://www.mindgine.org

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