Minds on Media Crew

Minds on Media Crew

Image by aforgrave
These Ontario educators were on hand at #ecoo11 on Saturday to support the learning opportunities for participants at the Minds on Media day. Resources specific to the day’s sessions are provided on the #ecoo11mom wiki.

Front Row (LtoR): Brenda Sherry (organizer), Dankia Barker, Sara Hassan, Peter Skillen (organizer), Mali Bickley
Middle Row (LtoR) Katherine Walraven, Richard Grignon, Jeff Brown, Peter Beens, Kat Goodale
Back Row (LtoR): Jaclyn Calder, Andrew Forgrave, Kent Manning, Doug Sadler, Colin Jagoe, Doug Peterson, Danuta Woloszynowicz

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  1. colin.jagoe says:

    Now that’s a team!

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