Minecraft – Custom Map – Infected Hotel Part 1

►►► Like the video? Sub for more! bit.ly ◄◄◄ Hey people, I attempt yet again to do a custom map in Minecraft. This is split up into 2 13-14 minute parts so I dont have to spend 10 hours uploading it. Link to the map is below. If you like this video please check out my other videos too as I upload on a regular basis! Map: www.minecraftforum.net ================================================== FOLLOW PETE: ● Twitter: www.twitter.com ● Facebook: www.facebook.com ================================================== Music by FeintDnB: www.youtube.com Minecraft Custom Map – Infected Hotel Part 1
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Minecraft – Custom Map – Infected Hotel Part 1

  1. WDFboom says:

    adventure time ftw

  2. Robert Thompson says:

    lmao that what im saying

  3. Charlotte Maedler says:

    wer is the next part after part 2??? It says in the map that another one follows. Wer is the video??? P.s. Nice accsent

  4. simon karlsson says:

    you sound a little bit like simon from the yogscast :)

  5. jcspeedie says:

    Seen this 12 times and subbed c:

  6. Antaredja Kartasasmita says:

    Hey, what’s that background music plays? i bet you played a game in a browser and forget to turn it off :p

  7. Antaredja Kartasasmita says:

    Your voice is like lumpy space princess

  8. TheDEDCrew says:

    stupet dog you cook the coberstone, turns into stone, and with the stone you make the stupet Button!!!!

  9. dylan bowlin says:

    i would check the crafting tables also

  10. Andy Kunda says:

    ppl say they suck because they break fast but it can kill faster than diamond

  11. videogamefreak2001 says:

    has anyone ever realized that 60% of people that make videos about minecraft have a british acsent

  12. Legobat man says:

    you suck

  13. jakob cook says:

    that was cool dude

  14. Harley Reeves says:

    gold swords suck

  15. rosarioartiga78 says:

    Lumpy space king

  16. bridentidy99 says:

    But I like your videos, a like from me.

  17. bridentidy99 says:

    God your vocabulary sucks big dick!

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